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Nov 19, 2006 01:46 AM

Mali food at Brattleboro farmers market

There is a Malian woman selling food at the Brattleboro Vt. winter farmers market on a semi regular basis. My girlfriend and I tried all four of the dishes and liked them all.

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  1. Hmmm, is she new? Or am I misremembering where she is from? I could have sworn she was from Senegal. There was a woman who cooked the most wonderful African food at the farmer's market and she also had a showcase lunch of food and African clothing and jewelry at the River Garden last winter. Very, very good food. Very spicy! We loved it.

    1. Are they the same family that has the Mali food at the outdoor Brattleboro farmer's market?

      If so, all of their food that I've had has been great. The talapia in particular was very good. And I'm a huge, huge sucker for their ginger juice. I've tried to replicate at home but it's never as good.

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        Same family that sells food at the outdoor market. I know her son pretty well. Great people and fantastic food.

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          The ginger juice is addictive! All the food is yummy! I'm sure we're talking about the same family, I just didn't remember where they were from.