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Nov 19, 2006 01:03 AM

Can good cookware sets be bought at Target?

I'd like a good but not too expensive cookware set, and have some gift certificates to Target. I need a few sauciers, a good skillet or frying pan, a nice large dutch oven,maybe a pot or two in between.

II'd prefer to avoid stainless steel-the husband has a knack for destroying them or just not washing up after himself or just forgetting a pot on the sove and boiling over or, worse, boiling fry.

Any reccomendations

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  1. I bought a large covered non-stick skillet made by Chefmate at Target over a year ago for about $20 and it's perfectly fine. I've had it over a year, and it works well for lots of dishes, so you might want to look at the Chefmate brand. I've also bought some very nice cake and cupcake pans for under $10 there, but I can't remember the brand.

    Inexpensive pans won't last as long, but at the same time, if you chip the non-stick coating, you don't have to feel guilty about throwing them out!

    1. A comment -- if there's a tendency to leave pans on a hot burner, avoid non-stick pans. According to some recent reports, the material can begin to vaporize above 500 degrees.