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le cuistot

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Has anyone heard of this brand? It's a Montreal based company and I saw some of their enamel cast iron dutch ovens beside the le creuset ones this afternoon. They look good, very similar to LC, but they were 1/3 the price. I was wondering if anyone has tried cookware from this company...


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  1. Are you sure it isn't "Cuisipro?" I bought some of their stuff when I was up in Quebec a few years ago, and loved it. No cast iron "LC" type stuff, more utensils, gadgets, etc. I've since found the brand here everywhere from Crate & Barrell to Target.

    1. I checked the tag and was pretty sure it said Le Cuistot. I've googled it and haven't come up with anything...

      1. I found the web site. LeCuistot.com

        Its all in French.

        Hope this helps

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          I saw that too but it seems like a recipe sharing website. Nothing about cookware.. :-( Thanks for the help though! It's much appreciated.

        2. I found a picture! But sadly no website for the company. HAs anyone ever heard of them?


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            I'm printing this out and taking it to my local Ace store to see if they can get it. They go to the big housewares shows--this company should be there.

          2. I finally got ne of these, a red 5 qt dutch oven. I figured it would do until I could shell out the money for a LC. I baked the no-knead bread in it and cooked in it today (Ina Garten's 40 garlic chicken) and I am very happy! I got it for $49.99 CAD and I think that price can't be beat.

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              I just purchased the 28 cm casserole for $100 CDN (on sale). Like you, I bought it as a "stop gap" until I could shell out the money for LC. I am excited about trying it. Where did you find yours for $49.99 CDN?

            2. I found it at HomeSense. Where did you find yours? I want an oval one now.

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                Ours was found at C.A. Paradis in Ottawa. The prices are definitely up from what you paid at Homesense but still one third the cost of LC. CA Paradis' website is: www.caparadis.com

                I bought the big 32cm pot for chili's stews and large pot roasts. Like you I'm also considering an Oval one next - but smaller in size this time.

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                  I was just perusing costco.ca for LC and found Le Cuistot-lots of variety in size and colour (red, blue or green) and a set for $119.99 CAD (2.5+4.6 litre rounds+25cm+17cm skillets)

              2. Go to the Caplan Duval website.
                I got an email today and was stunned
                at the price difference even
                with the exchange rate.

                1. I got one of these pots for Christmas. It was ordered from Klinq.com. I went on their web page and did not find it there but they have a phone # 1-866-554-6726.
                  Good luck with it!

                  1. www.caplanduval.com, a Canadian company has a selection of them. They used to do a big Le Creuset business but for some reason they aren't selling them anymore. They were heavily discounting them. Their Staub prices are almost double what they should be, so I would check the price of these somewhere else before ordering from them.

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                      I should have known that I'd find something out about Le Cuistot on the Chow Board! We are vacationing in Quebec City and I saw some today in a kitchen store - dirt cheap, as ctl98 mentioned, at least 1/3 cheaper. I couldn't believe it, and I think every bit as nice as my Le Creuset! I need to replace a few Le Creuset pots due to wear and I'm definitely going to check Le Cuistot out further.

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                        Le Creuset will replace your pots for you as per their warranty. Either for free or for 75% off their list price. Probably for less than this brand. If they determine it's normal wear they will replace free, but if they feel it was abused in some way they will charge a nominal amount. It's worth sending them the pots. Call them at 877-CREUSET before you buy anything else and get an RMA#.

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                          Thanks Blondelle. I'll try this. My set is at least 18 yrs old and well used.

                    2. Here is a link to Le Cuistot's manufacturer http://www.orlyglobal.com/
                      Are you all still happy with the items? The prices are VERY good!

                      1. Having read all the questions about the country of origin I did some searching. If you look at the box Le Cuistot's come in you will see the letters PRC discretely printed. This stands for the People's Republic of China. Mystery solved.

                        1. I have several of these pots and love them. I think they are easier to clean than my crueset because the enamel is much thicker on the inside. Only thing to watch for is that the lids fit true. I had to return one pot because there was an air gap due to the lid being misshapen. I bought my sister a Le Crueset pot 30 years ago for her birthday. That same pot today would be completely out of my birthday spending budget, they have become way overpriced.

                          1. hey, I have one, it is red bottom, and it works amazing. I love the enamel coating. I was actually looking for a cast iron without a coating, but they didn't have them. So I went with this, and it is just great. very nice for dutch oven cooking style whatever that is. you can partially cook on each side of meat for a recipe, then add whatever your want, and ingredient for sauce and everything after parital cooking, then slide it in the oven to finish, and that works great... watch your hands, even on the stove before the oven the hand gets sooo hot. but that's the good thing. The iron retains the heat so nice, that when you heat up some oil, for whatever you are cooking in it, you can turn it down low and just let the pan do the work, not your electricity bill :P hahaha really it retains heat like no other and it takes very little to keep it at a nice high heat. I recommend it. I cook my mushrooms in it, and it really makes them have a nice flavour.. just be careful not to over cook, cuz it can be so hot if you are not careful. everything tastes better in this thing, I don't know why, but maybe cuz ur cooking on glassware(enamel) rather than metal ware.. and for some reason.. that gives what you cook a lot more room to do nice things.Watch out, not everything is good.. LIke I don't suggest cooking a steak or a burger, cuz eveything sticks hardcore to this pan. It's good for cooking with oil.. but you gotta play with it to decide what you can do with it, and I suggest getting the oil up to a medium heat, put your food in, and slowly turn down the heat on the burner until it is cooking at a perfect, slow rate. ANYHOW enough said for now, let me know what you think, and how it does, goes is, was WHAT!?!?! WHERE THE WHO THE !?

                            1. Hi,I have LE CUISTOT dutch oven and I bought it from WINNERS and using this .Before this I had from KITCHEN AID but after some time the ceramic was chipped and got rust. Now I am not sure how long this will work .I was planning to return this but I now I will use this and want to see how long this will work.