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Looking for Great Grocery Stores and "Gotta Get" Items in Sydney and Port Douglas

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This Tokyo chowhound will be going to Port Douglas and Sydney. I have apartment hotels in both places and would be looking for a good grocery store in both cities to stock up. The location in Sydney is 28 Macleay Street , Potts Point Sydney.

Also, any ingredients, like Vegemite, that I can only get in Australia? Would like to explore as many things as possible.

Tons of restaurants to choose from in Sydney, but any suggestions for Port Douglas?

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  1. Make sure you visit Dank St in Waterloo - very near Potts point - ultra gourmet deli and fresh goods - Dank St Depo and Fratelli Fresh - you can stay all day. And the David Jones Food hall in the city is good for everything!

    1. Hi from another Tokyo chowhound, but also an Aussie.
      I'm mostly familiar with the north shore of Sydney, but for the eastern suburbs you'll probably want to try Simon Johnson. I think they have a website.
      Sydney is easily as ethnically diverse as New York, so you should try the different cultural hubs for their specialties (even Japanese is scattered across the north shore, with a great supermarket in Northbridge).
      We have a beach house in Port Douglas, and let me tell you its definitely not much of a grocery place. With only two supermarkets, we often get our stuff in Cairns.
      However, don't miss the Sunday markets. You'll find a couple of ladies who sell homemade chutneys, pickles and sauces. I have Tinn's chilli, garlic and mint jam in my fridge right now, its great on sandwiches with cold cuts (white label, purple writing.)
      Also home made cakes, tropical flowers, paintings, really fabulous artisan glass bowls and vases, and a lady down the end selling cups of pure 100% frozen mango (we buy extra for daquiris).
      There is an award winning organic butchery (Mossman Butchery, in a side street) 20 minutes up the road in Mossman. You can buy Daintree tea from the supermarkets in Port.
      We like to dine at Sassi and the new place nearby (the Living Room?)
      What to buy, generally?
      cheese (King Island), Murray River salt, wine, honey, anzac biscuits.

      1. Thanks - this is exactly the type of information I was looking for. And, good to know that there is not much in Port Douglas. I forgot about things like chutney and cheese.


        1. In Port Douglas the Grand Hotel and the place that has Cane toad racing (a couple doors down) were very good and reasonably priced. There are several high end restraunts but i didn't think they were a good value when i visited in Oct.

          1. Did you have any luck finding good quality grocery stores in Aussie? Could you give me any recommendations for either Australia or Japan? I am doing a project for business school that requires research about international high end grocery stores.

            Looking forward to your response.

            1. I think the nearest reasonable shops to Potts Points point are in the Edgecliff shopping centre - a good foodie friend who lived in Macleay Street used to shop there. Woolahra is good for upmarket deli's.

              There is a great bakery around the corner from you (Infinity Sourdough) which is in Victoria Street, Darlinghurst (if you walk you do have to traverse Kings Cross which is OK but very seedy even at 9:00 am). Victoria St i also a nice place for a morning coffee with some funky little bars - although Macleay Street is also good.

              Danks Street is in Alexandria and a bit of a trek but well worth it (a car is better than a taxi). If you are there when the "Good Living Farmers Market" is on (1st Saturday of the month?) this is definately good to go to - get there early and grab snacks and a coffee. It is by the harbour so a nice setting.
              Potts Point is very central so a good base to get to most inner suburbs, even try places like Liechhardt (the Italian area) and the adjacent suburb of Haberfield (for italian pastries)

              Macleay Street has always been quite good for restaurants, but over recent years it has got a lot better (with old hotels being converted to modern apartments). The chefs and names change a lot but we liked - Yellow, Fratelli Paradiso, Lotus, Zinc and of course the long standing Macleay Street Bistro. The surrounding suburbs Darlinghurst, Kings Cross Darlinghurst etc also have some great local restaurants.