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Nov 18, 2006 10:33 PM

An ideal crabby lunch--Woodhouse

We had lunch at Woodhouse Fish Company today. Yum. For another few days, they're doing dungeoness madness, with a fresh whole crab for $12. It comes with a bib, lemon wedges, clarified butter, and a bit of superfluous slaw.

I highly recommend hitting them up for lunch; we arrived at 11:45 and watched the crabs get dragged in a few minutes later. These crabs were feisty--it's hard to find fresher crab anywhere. They were out of crab Friday night at 8 PM when we tried to eat dinner, so lunch is a much safer bet.

My better half had the inspired idea to order a plate of fries, under the theory that a place that fries as much as they do must change the oil at minimum after dinner each night, and he was right. They were amazing. We also had some cooked and cleaned crab from Bryan's Thursday night. At $6 a pound, it sure makes a tasty instant dinner. The quality from Bryan's was higher, but that could just be the specific crabs in each batch.

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  1. I agree! I tried Woodhouse Fish Co. just this week and went back again a couple days later. Their crab louie sandwich is so yummy. Lump crab meat is piled on top of a light and airy yet crunchy roll. You also get a side of fries and cole slaw. I also tried their clam chowder, which was tasty and almost buttery, but I don't know if I would order it again. I'm a little biased though because Hog Island Oyster Bar still makes the number 1 chowder on my list. But while I was at Woodhouse for lunch, I noticed quite a few people taking advantage of their Crab madness special! One of the guys working mentioned that he just picked up the crabs from Half Moon Bay that morning. I'll definitely be back to try more items from their menu.

    1. We went today, and it was $18 for a giant crab and scrumptious. Also the last day. Not sure what prices will be tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.