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Nov 18, 2006 08:57 PM

Best chicken wings in south florida

My vote is for Bru's room. I love the sweet and tangy sauce.

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  1. wing zone with their cajuns or spicy bbq. also, shuckers in North Bay Village with their special grilled wings.

    1. Wings N' Curls in Hollywood. Shuckers grilled wings are also good.

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      1. re: Nick

        Finally tried the buffalo wings at Wing N Curls. Outstanding.

        Wings N Curls
        2401 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020

      2. I like Bru's wings (which are identical to those found at Wings & Things - in large part because Bru's orignally had some connection to Eddie Hauck, the owner of Wings & Things, or so I seem to remember).

        My favorite version is with BBQ sauce & grilled.

        For those who live elsewhere, Bru's has several locations in north Broward and Palm Beach. Wings & Things has a couple locations in Broward.

        1. I usually love my wings to be nice and spicy...not in the case of my pick for the best. Although the service is awful, Anthony's Coal Fire (there is now one on Biscayne and 180) has unbelievable wings. They cook them in the coal fire oven and top them with caramelized onions. You've gotta try them!

          1. Uncle Al's in Broward, Griffin Road near Pine Island. It's a dive kinda bar, real dark inside, but the non breaded wings are the best!