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wedding in dallas

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Trying to pick a place:

Belo Mansion: anyone sampled food here at an event and if so, how was it ?

Marie Garielle Restaurant: again, anyone been to a private event and was the food memorable?

Any other suggestions?

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  1. I've been to a few events, including weddings, at the Belo. The food is good, but not memorable. You're better off with the higher-priced entrees, like steak, rather than chicken (the chicken was dry and tough; the steak pink and tender). They do a good job of serving a really big crowd (i.e. several hundred), but if the wedding is on the smaller side (say, a hundred or fewer), you could do better.

    1. Belo food is not so great for a wedding, though they've got all the stuff there and it's no problem to do for say 300 people. But, the food is about as good as "okay" hotel catered food.