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Nov 18, 2006 08:29 PM

Outdoor grills and tools?

Miving to our fist home and I really want to get husband a really nice outdoor grill? Any tips of recommendations? Also, want to get him nice set of outdoor grill utensils- was looking at sets at WS, Crate and Barrel and All Clad- any tips or suggestions?

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  1. Consumer Reports rated the Weber Silver B highly. I tied it into our gas line and have used it regularly for a couple of years. Replaced the flavorizer bars with steel and the grate with steel and bought an old cast iron grill to go on top of this, for steaks and especially for fish because the slots are smaller than the spaces on the Weber grill and because cast iron holds the heat so well. Then I bought an Ez-Que rotisserie and buy I have flexibility in grilling and bbq-ing all sorts of dishes. I used to use charcoal (still do, actually, with a Weber Silver Bullet but that's another story) and have decided that gas is easier and less mess. Hope this kind of information helps. By the way I wouldn't use All Clad stuff on a grill and find the Crate and Barrel and WS stuff is expensive for the same kind of tongs, forks, spatulas you can get else where for less.

    1. I know there is always a great debate of gas vs charcoal - I tend to lean to charcoal IMHO I do feel it provides a better taste - so if you are looking for a charcoal grill - I would look at the weber performer it ihas a gas start that will get you grilling very quickly = another grill that people have enjoyed is the Big Green Egg - there have been a number of discussion about it in this forum -

      I also agree with EclecticEater - do not spend the extra money on All Clad, C&B and W&S - find a local BBQ shop and they will have decent tools at a reasonable price - if you do decide on a charcaol grill other than the Weber Performer - invest in a charcoal starter - you can have a fire ready in 15-20 minutes

      1. As far as grill tools - all you need is two things. Tongs and a nice metal spatula. I don't like the tongs usually provided in the stereotypical grill sets, but that's personal preference. They always seem cheap to me. Marketed for style rather than actual use. I think they're too heavy, hard to squeeze, and rather flimsy. A nice long handled spatula and a good pair of spring loaded tongs are all you will ever need. I never use grilling forks.