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Cape scallops are in, goodbye Fresh Pond Seafood

I went by Fresh Pond Seafood today and they have Cape scallops ($28lb). The people there say they're going out of business in a few weeks, too bad.

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  1. I can't comment on the quality of the seafood at Fresh Pond Seafood, but I surely miss their homey, rickety appearance.

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    1. That makes me really sad. Fresh Pond was always my "go-to" for packing up lobsters for travelling. They were always so nice and had great fresh stuff. I'm bummed they're closing. I see many more visits at New Deal and Couthouse seafood now.

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        For lobsters don't forget about Alive and Kicking! And you can get their excellent lobster sandwich (don't call it a roll!) to tide you over until yours are out of the pot.

        Even has an expensive Whole Foods nearby, just like Fresh Pond does (did?).

      2. That's terrible! Did they tell you why?

        1. They didn't say, a young woman behind the counter volunteered that they were closing but didn't say why, and I didn't ask. I'd guess that they're losing business to Whole Foods (a very poor second choice) and also the fish place next to Formaggio Kitchen (that's a smart location, convenience is a plus). I'll add that the appearance is a little off-putting, it almost looks closed even when it's open. I'd put in a new parking lot and a lighted sign listing what's fresh to attract hesitant newcomers. I like the fish shack exterior, and wouldn't change that a bit. It would be nice to rescue the place.

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            I've noticed that this might be seen to imply that I think Whole Foods seafood is better than Fresh Pond's, that's the opposite of what I meant.

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              I doubt they are losing any significant business to the Fishmonger on Huron Ave. I like the FM but the prices are high and the fish is typically not as good, even though almost all of them get their product from the same fish wholesalers. Must be a case of handling. Fresh Pond usually had a small selection but it was impeccably displayed and stored.

              Whole Foods, much as I hate to say it, has very nice fish at the Fresh Pond location, so that could be a factor. I found it to be a little more expensive, but not hugely so, and they usually had the same special items in at the same times ... Maine shrimp, for example, at about the same price.

              I guess I liked the dumpy atmosphere and the down to earth folks. They always threw a lemon into the bag and would humor me when I asked them to look for female lobsters when boxing them up. I've been going there since I was at Tufts (a long time now). It's the end of an era for me.

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                Earlier this year, around the same time Whole Foods stopped selling lobster (supposedly for ethical reasons) I was looking for soft shell crabs. The guy at WF in Fresh Pond said they unavailable, were out of season etc... Fresh Pond Seafood and Savenors had them and the ones I got at Savenors were very fresh, alive and kicking. I think the seafood at WF isn't great, it's relatively ok but getting worse much like WF itself. One common complaint is that they sell fillets that haven't been scaled, I've had this happen fairly recently. I don't get to the Fresh Pond WF too often so perhaps things are better there.

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                  Your post reminds me why I love Courthouse and New Deal -- they are actually fishmongers, ie: they will scale the fish for you, recommend best cooking methods, and they KNOW their fish. I find the fish counter at WholeFoods to be fine, but the expertise is hit or miss, not at all like going to a fishmonger (or butcher, or a real cheesemonger, etc.).

            2. Fishmonger on Huron Ave = high prices, limited selection, poor service. Skip it. Sad to hear about Fresh Pond seafood. We loved picking up dinner after a walk around the pond.

              I too am very curious as to why.

              1. $28/lb at Hook's on Sat.

                This makes 2 fish markets closing recently..Giuffre's in the NE. It's a shame.

                I haven't been to Fresh Pond for a while but thought it was very good. I heard they might close; not so much because their biz was bad..but that the RE was much more valuable for uses other than a fish market.

                1. argh. i really liked this old style place. guess it's all about new deal for me here on out.

                  1. I am very sad to hear about Fresh Pond's demise. I loved the place for what it was and was always pleased with the quality and selections. They will be sadly missed. Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) has great seafood too but I always liked the more local atmosphere of Fresh Pond.

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                      Fresh Pond's staff know more about their fish than WF's.

                      This is actually a loss for that WF location, too, because I cannot imagine I am the only person who shops at that WF location because of its proximity to FPS. One less reason to bother with that parkway.

                    2. OK, the sign on the door of Fresh Pond Seafood says that December 4th they will close their doors for good.

                      Denise behind the counter said that the price of fish is just too high, and the family isn't making enough money.

                      Sad... See you at Meg-a-low Mart oops, I mean Whole Paycheck.... oops, I meant....

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                        That's so sad, but thanks for posting about the closing date. That way I can get over there and thank them for being my lobster place for lo these many years and wish them luck.

                        Wonder what's going to happen to the salty older guy who was always there really early when I stopped in? His battered and bruised always submerged in saltwater hands made me cringe sometimes, but boy did he know his lobsters. Always fished lively kicking guys out of the pool for me.