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Nov 18, 2006 06:49 PM

Mozza's "Topping-To-Crust-To- Ratio" Is Off

I liked the flavors and selection of the pizza toppings. The crust was fantastic -- charred and thin in spots yet soft and chewy in other spots, all with great flavor. Loved the afetati misti -- the salami was just fantastic.

Pizza is super personal, "One Man's Poison is Another's Staple." Some like thin, some like thick; some need more cheese, others more one pizzeria is going to make everybody happy, and probably shouldn't even try.

For me, I think they need to make the pie diameter a tad larger, maybe one-and-a-half inches, keeping the edge width/thickness the same while increasing the volume of sauces/toppings to get a higher topping-to-crust ratio. As the pizzas are now (Version 1.0, I hope) the crust volume really overwhelms the toppings. With each slice you get one bite of topping WITH crust followed by three-to-four bites of lonely crust WITHOUT topping/sauce. It is just too bready, IMHO: kind of like basketball arena seating (puny floor with deep swath of surrounding seats) and I want a baseball park (similar seating but larger playing field).

I am sure it has all been carefully studied, measured out and compared to some Neopolitan norm as far as pie-size goes, but it ain't quite Neopolitan as far as the crust thickness/rim width goes anyway so why conform to the norm...hey this is Cali. That wonderful bread just needs some more company.

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  1. i said the same but without the geometric precision i admire in your post. the whole pizza
    feels off to me, despite wanting to love it. I wish they stuck to otto's formula instead, where it is in balance.

    lots of hot air at mozza

    1. I agree that the ratio is wrong. Was there for dinner last night and everyone at our table said the same. Needed more toppings and less crust. As things are now, I would not go back. Hope they fix these little problems, tons of potential.

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      1. re: HitTheBall

        Glad to hear its not just me (and everyone at my table); epop (btw, thanks for the compliment) as well as HitTheBall's table too. I hope NS/MB or anyone connected to the place get the message. It is very close to perfect.

      2. I'm sure they know what they're doing. They want a certain look about it or something. (>crust=>$$$)

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        1. re: monku

          Ok, I am no Jeffry Steingarten, but my food obsession [or, perhaps OCD] is making me do some MATH Homework.

          Maybe I overestimated Silverton's research.

          A Neoploitan law stipulates that:
          "pizza must be no more than 35 cm [13.779527559055118 inches] in diameter and no thicker than a third of a centimetre at its centre, rising to 2cm [0.7874015748031496 inches] at the crust."

          I didn't know I would being in-need of a ruler and slide-rule converter at Mozza (on my first first visit but next time I will be prepared. If memeory serves, Mozza's Pies are more like 10 inches [25.4 cm] with a crust of 2 inches [5.08 cm]: or, they might be the exact 35 cm [13.779527559055118 inches] but with a larger crust, say, 3.5 inches [6.35 cm]. Either way it violate the Neoploitan code at least as describbed in Wikipedia:

          We are not too far off from a proper ratio.

          1. re: Ciao Bob

            Maybe she doesn't care what the Neopolitan law is. Nancy is doing what she does, and IMHO I don't think she is going to change because of a few posts on this message board. If you sit at the pizza bar, notice how the pie fits on the stainless insertion paddle when it is laid on it. . There is no room for a bigger pie. Would I like the pie to be a little bigger? Sure, but if it remains the same I'll still keep going, because it's way better than any of the crap I was eating before.

            1. re: pizzafreak

              I figured the have the hardware already in place as to size. But, who knows, they may change it if they get enough bad-ratio FEEDback (pun intended).

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                This is like the movie critic complaining about some movie not having this or that or the other in it. This movie (pizza) was made by Director Silverton to "her" liking. If someone wants to make their "movie" then let them come up with the investors, find a set, get the supporting cast and crew together and they can bake it their way. We all get to vote with our feet / wallets. To me it's a brilliant effort that fills the big screen and my belly with something unique and new. Bravo, Ms. Silverton, (and whether the mushrooms are Cannes(d) or not, I'll be back for another screening soon).

                1. re: tony michaels

                  but this board is for the exchange of info and the sharing of personal experiences and opinions!

                  If I don't like a movie, I don't have to stay. If I don't liek an actor, i avoid his or her movies.

                  Some people share my opinion on actors and movies, some don't-but it's valid!

              2. re: pizzafreak

                I agree. It is what it is, and should be appreciated (or not) as such. It isn't fair to expect a restaurant to cater to everybody's individual preferences.

          2. i have not been to the new temple...yet...but i agree with you as to "different strokes for different folks" but i've been to 2 pizzeria's that have met some sort of "neopolitan code" - one here one, in vegas, and i found the toppings to be skimpy at both places....though it probably meets the "code" pizzeria bianco in phoenix understands that we want more topping...i'm also reminded of my 2 visits to italy where it's "different" - the pizza toppings are sparse ( but also keep in mind that pizza is simply one of many courses ) same goes for their sandwiches....the panini's i ate there ( and regular sandwiches ) had one slice of meat...maybe a slice of cheese and a heck of alot of bread !!

            i hope when i finally make it to mozza that they make adjustments to my liking ( which , btw, is very similar to yours )

            1. hmm.. so maybe i should be grateful that i haven't yet made a visit to mozza? our office has been trying to get out there, but no luck during reasonable mealtimes thus far. perhaps once we get past the busy signal and 4 PM availability, the pizza will have improved. i can't wait to try it for myself!