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Nov 18, 2006 05:32 PM

Good Cheap-ish eats in LES near Sunshine Theater

Any recommendations for pre-movie eats tonight near the Sunshine Theater? Veg options are a must.

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  1. Always loved Boca Chica on first avenue/ first street for latin food..they have a few veg options.

    1. if you want really cheap, go to the dumpling house on eldridge street (between broome and grand). the dumplings run about 2.00$ for eight and they are excellent. i love their hot and sour soup as well but i never get around to trying anything else on the menu.

      1. Probably too late, but I love Bereket Turkish on Houston and Orchard. Great Turkish pizza!


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          There's a much better Turkish restaurant in the neighborhood now: Taksim, on 2nd Av. just south of 6th St. I haven't liked Bereket in many years.