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Nov 18, 2006 05:19 PM

What to do on friends bday?? She's on pregnancy bed rest!!!

My closest friend's bday is coming up December 10. She is on permanant bed rest until baby arrives- sometime hopefully next year. We always go to super fabulous restaurants on our bdays (4 of us). We have recently gone to Spago, Grace and Jar. What should we do for her?? We want to cheer her up and do something great. Maybe hire a personal chef bedside? Help!!

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  1. Ohhhh, so many great places to pick up, take in. What a better gift than her baby? So, think about what she can/will want to eat....pregnancy sometimes complicates desires...I remember not being able to even look at broccoli! I NEVER had such an issue!

    I don't know where you live, but Clementine's has some terrific items...from soups to salads to entrees and check them out...and take it in and cheer her up! You can take your own dishes/plates...or re plate!

    I personally don't think you need a bedside chef...

    I live in WLA, and while some do not agree, Clementines has some terrific food. How about a tea party? A dessert party?
    A sweet and treat party? Salads, soups? A lunch? A brunch?

    1. Even high-end restaurants are no stranger to the occasional "to-go" order...
      I suggest that you call a restaurant of your choice, explain your situation, and ask them if they would do a to-go order for such an occasion. I'm sure they would be happy to accomodate! Just pick some things that might hold or reheat a little better than others. I've done it.
      Worst case scenario, the restaurant politely refuses, best case, you have fine dining in your home!

      1. Hire Chef Joshia(Melisse) or Josie (Josie) to come over to cook for you?

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          is that actually possible? it must cost a fortune? have any idea how much?

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            I always estimate about Double the cost of going to the Restaurant.

        2. Or put together afternoon tea service at her bedside with friends and family there for something different.

          1. I just got back from a short run to the Silverlake Cheese Shop and returned with splendid loaves of fresh bread, various Spanish & California cheeses, a large container of Luques olives, a large bag of Little Flower Sea Salt Caramels and a couple of homemade cupcakes.

            What could be better!

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              one caveat:
              as i recall, pregnant women are advised against eating cheeses made with raw milk