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Nov 18, 2006 03:35 PM

demeyere cookware

Do you have any? What do you think of it? Anyone have both All Clad and Demeyere? How do they measure up? I'm starting to think about updating my pots and pans and am attracted to demeyere for its 30 year warranty, dishwasher safe, rave reviews and non-riveted handles for easier cleaning. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. I have DeMeyer cookware and LOVE it. It is the most even cooking I have ever seen. The handles stay cool. Cleaning is incredibly easy. Definitely worth the money.

    1. I don't own Demeyere, but I have used it in professional kitchens. I like the larger post because of the more comfortable handles that stay cooler. The non-riveted handles make the pans easier to keep clean.

      If you can afford the initial price, I would think that anyone would be proud to have a kitchen full of their pieces. Most of my stove top pieces are All-Clad Master Chef, so that is what I have the most experience with.

      1. The quality of Demeyere way outshines All-Clad crap. Not even in the same league.

        1. I agree with the other posters about the superb quality of Demeyere cookware. When I had a problem with a large commercial stockpot, a brand new replacement was quickly sent out with no questions asked.

          I also have several pieces of All-Clad Stainless and am happy with those as well, but I chose those pieces mainly for their specific shapes/sizes.

          The All-Clad is not quite in the same league, but I'd recommend that you feel free to mix and match these two lines if there are some shapes/sizes that you prefer.

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            There are too many other high-quality brands to consider for that kind of money: Paderno (Italy), Sitram (France), Tramontina (Brazil), as well as Demeyere (Belgium). All-Clad really doesn't even come close despite being just as expensive.

          2. Could someone expand a bit more on why it's so much better, construction or material-wise? Is it tri-ply with a copper or aluminum core or...? And where can you find it? Thanks.

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            1. re: optimal forager

              The link below explains how Demeyere is constructed and some of its many advantages. As an online source, I'd definitely recommend this website, (aka Professional Cutlery Direct).

              If you want to see this cookware in person, Sur La Table stores have a nice selection on display.


              1. re: optimal forager

                Here's a secret: it won't make you a better cook. If you're going to spend the money, get what feels good to you in your hands and is good quality. Despite what pupster says, AC is not "crap". I use it and though I think the lids are a waste, the pans cook well and evenly. Mine were a wedding gift, and I have added more, though my favorite piece of cookware is a 7qt LeCreuset, excellent braising!