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Hey guys, I was just kindly sent an extract from the menu at globe bistro , apparently opening today (I think) on the Danforth at Broadview. Whoever is able to get there first will have to report the experience.. apparently they will also be offering a tasting menu for the first few days as well to sample some of the main dishes.


Yarmouth scallops and chorizo sausage in a dry sack sherry and smoked paprika

Charcuterie plate

Lamb koftas with yogurt, mint and chilies

Dungeness crab empanada with Anaheim chili, coriander seedling and a jalapeno cumin crema

‘Corndog Thingy’ with Globe mustard

Battered Georgian Bay smelts with tartar sauce

Hot pork tamale with an ancho chili sauce


Wild mushroom consumé with celestine garnish and truffle oil

Roasted heirloom beet salad
Niagara prosciutto, pine nuts and Ewenity sheep’s cheese

Black pepper ricotta gnocchi
roasted wild mushrooms and lemon thyme in a black truffle broth
$11 / $22

Cumbrae Farms’ braised Berkshire pork belly and seared Yarmouth scallops
mustard foam and natural reduction


Lake Huron yellow perch en sous-vide
roasted Cookstown fingerling potatoes, creamed Jerusalem artichokes and watercress seedlings

Pan seared Georgian Bay pickerel
rainbow chard, smoked Yukon potato hash, lardons and a frothy black plum emulsion

Butter-poached Yarmouth lobster
pumpkin ravioli, enoki mushrooms, purple basil and lemongrass lobster broth

Confit of crispy skin duck leg
pancakes with black bean, marinated shiitake mushrooms, grilled scallions and sesame soy vinaigrette

Globe papardelle pasta with braised La Ferme rabbit
roasted wild mushrooms and pickled spruce tips

Cumbrae Farms’ roasted beef ongulet
chestnut leek croquettes and a red wine jus

Cumbrae Farms’ naturally raised 12 oz. rib eye
thyme-scented frites and Ermite blue cheese foam

Slow-cooked Moroccan-style oxtail
crispy phyllo saffron rice package, pistachio and pomegranate

Roasted La Ferme caribou leg
pressed apple and white bean ragout, Saskatoon berry vinegar and a red wine marinade reduction

Globe farmers plate
chef’s daily creation featuring the best Ontario growers have to offer


Churros with a hot Sol chocolate sauce

Banana and white chocolate cream tart

Apple gingerbread trifle with creme anglaise

Roasted pineapple bavarois meringue and a hazelnut sponge

Shoo-fly cake with warm caramel and a tootsie roll

All desserts $8


Two farm fresh eggs with roasted pork belly and smoked potato hash

Oeufs en cocotte with a tomato and spinach stew and toast points

Eggs Benedict with smoked Lake Huron whitefish

Frittata of yukon potato, chorizo and onion

Yarmouth scallop crepe with a Mornay sauce

Sweet vanilla crepe with maple syrup

Globe cured bacon
Smoked potato hash
Creamed spinach
Frites with a reduction of ‘Ontario’s Finest’
All sides $5

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  1. Thanks for posting this, hungryabbey! It sounds like an intrigueing menu and if they offer a tasting menu, that's something I'd like to check out first. (And their dessert list looks so decadent!) I'll see if I can convince hubby to walk by tomorrow after dim sum so I can check them out.

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      I know, the desserts DO look good!! I have just been informed that for tonight and tomorrow night they will be offering a 7 course tasting menu (including dessert) with their best dishes for only 45$$!! Thats pretty incredible! Let me know if you try it out, I'm dying to hear about it!!

    2. Went to Globe bistro last night, hungryabbey was correct, it was the first night. On offer were two 5-course $45 tasting menus, one "surf", the other "turf". The surf menu included a tasty mushroom consomme, fresh malpeque oysters, a lovely cookstown green salad, separate courses of pickerel and lobster, a sorbet to cleanse the palate after the oyster course, and a choice of desserts. The turf included a lovely and smoky pumpkin soup, beet and pancetta salad, separate courses of Cumbrae beef and caribou all with vegetable/potato accompaniments. Overall the service and food was more than competent and well executed for opening night. However, what really stands out is the price. For $45 you are getting a extremely high value for the quality and quantity presented. In addition, Bistro does not have their liquor license yet, so they provided champagne and wine "on the house", matching each dish with the appropriate wine accompaniment. So my recommendation is to go quickly, this is an incredibly good deal. Our meal for two (tasting menus and as much wine and champagne as we could drink), came out to $100 including tax. For fans of the former Cafe Brussel, you should know that the present owner put (according to him) $3 million into renovating the space, and it is completely transformed, not a spec remains of the art deco interior. It's also open for brunch Saturday and Sunday, but not sure what is on the menu.

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        oh man that sounds absolutely amazing! I am SO jealous , I hope they keep up this service/good food, sounds like its in the running for my birthday dinner. How were the desserts? Did you find service to be fairly quick or slow?

        1. re: hungryabbey

          Desserts were good, I was so full it was hard to appreciate them properly. One was a "shoo fly pie", a kind of brown sugary/molasses type dessert that tastes better than it sounds, and the other I had was a banana cream type of pie, also good. I don't think you would be disappointed, especially if you go sooner than later and get to have the free wines and champagnes! Service was quite good, well-paced I thought. Our dinner took a little over two hours, it seemed like just the right amount of time. Let me know how you like it.

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            sounds good. well, my birthday is in dec, and Im wondering if they will have their license by then? If not, will I be able to get wine? Like, it IS my birthday, I need at least one nice glass of wine.. I will definetly just have to ask them about it I guess

            1. re: hungryabbey

              And MY birthday is just over a week away! :-) Do you think they'll still have the $45 special? I really, really wanted to go today but it was too much of a last minute request (especially with young kids and all). Your dinner sounded soooo enticing, soko! Thanks for the review.

              1. re: sierramum

                I dont think so :( The woman I talked to told me they were just offering it sat and sunday.. though, maybe they can arrange some other sort of tasting menu for you? I'm going to be asking them if something can be arranged, they might make something up

                1. re: sierramum

                  Well *my* birthday is in January, and I hope they still have interesting desserts by then and haven't defaulted to flourless chocolate / creme brulee clichees!
                  Do report back on your birthday dinners if you go to Globe!

        2. Tasting menu will be only for the first few opening days. Regular menu should begin Wednesday or so.

          1. We promise a longer review later tonight, but (for those making dinner plans), we had the set menus last night and were really impressed. Its an ambitious food-forward place that (despite the name) is serious about Ontario and Quebec ingredients. I don't know if they are still having the set menu this week but its well worth a phone call. Food was really superb, service was excellent, and the (complementary!!) wines were magnificent. Dish by dish reviews coming soon!

            1. Does Globe Bistro have a liquor license?

              1. We ate at the Globe Bistro tonight. It was DELICIOUS! THEY WILL BE HAVING THEIR 5 COURSE TASTING MENU FOR $45 AT LEAST UNTIL THIS WEDNESDAY, and maybe a bit longer, so I would definitely RUN for this fabulous deal! They should be getting their liquor licence soon-they're just waiting for the paperwork to go through.I had the turf tasting menu and my husband had the surf. We sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed chatting with the chefs and watching them cook. A welcome addition to the Danforth!!!

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                1. I had a delicious pumpkin soup and my husband had the mushroom consomme with white truffles. Then I had the roasted heirloom beet salad (Ontario red and yellow beets wrapped in proscuitto) with some greens and goat cheese, followed by Cumbrae Farms' roasted beef ongulet with chestnut leek croquettes and a red wine jus (yum yum!). There was a Beaujolais granite to cleanse the palette, then a roasted caribou leg with pressed apple and white bean ragout, Saskatoon berry vinegar and a red wine marinade reduction (another delicious dish) and dessert. My husband had the Lake Huron yellow perch with fingerling potatoes and creamed artichokes followed by the pickerel in a black plum emulsion. All this for $45 a person this week!

                  1. I forgot to add there was also a foie gras course as well!

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                    1. re: Patty Choux

                      mmm it all sounds so good, i cant wait to go myself!

                    2. As promised then, our review! And thanks to Patty Choux for giving the array of dishes, so we'll just highlight a few things that mark out a very mature style. We both felt that the kitchen knew how to keep a dish clean, what flavours to match, and what ingredients to highlight. A few examples: bread and butter came with an airy dip of pureed celeriac, cauliflower, and white truffle. It soared. The onglet (also known as hanger steak). This isn't the easiest cut to cook;cooked too much it becomes liver-y and tough. This incredibly meaty piece was cooked perfectly, nut a second too much or too little. Accompanied by a delightful chestnut fritter, the dish knew exactly what to focus on. As I mentionned above, what impressed me most was -- even this early on in their life -- the menu held together with a visible and original style.

                      They get a huge amount of credit for cooking with two difficult, though local fishes: pickeral and perch. The pickeral, in particular, cooked sous vide was exceptional with its natural sweetness exentuated. The perch was valient, but the fish itself just don't excite.

                      A few other things to highlight: we'll have to wait through the winter for this, but there is a roof patio. The liquor license is supposed to come, they told us, probably by Friday. In the meantime, we were treated to a superb pairing of wines--frankly, I would have paid a lot for these wines happily. The matchings were smart and creative. The 98 Henry of Pelham reisling was a good example of an aged Ontario wine but didn't quite live up to a lovely torchon of La Ferme foie gras with the perfect parsnip chip accompaniment. But, a chablis (seriously---giving this away for free!?) just sang with the oysters. A fantastic syrah worked perfectly with the steak and a pinot noir from Burgundy (no less) paired with the pickeral. Dessert brought a Sauternes and a creative trockenauslese (a German sweet wine from dried riesling grapes). Starters came with a delightful Champagne. Refills were given without even a subtle hint. The message was clearly made with this pairing: this is a serious place for food and wine (they will have, to start, about 30 wines by the glass!) and they want to be a local place that will appeal to foodies.

                      A postscript about the space: nicely done. It doesn't portend a 'to be seen' place and, hopefully, the high ceilings won't make for noise. A bar up front will offer tapas and a nice touch is a small bar ("chef's table") by the open kitchen--I'll be reserving this one next time!

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                      1. re: duckliver

                        wow sounds incredible.. now I know this is a stupid question, but I cant for the life of me picture what a chestnut fritter looks like..? Can you tell me because I think Im going to want the onglet when I go myself

                        1. re: hungryabbey

                          re: the fritter/croquette, texture and shape reminded me very much of a hush puppy, although the flavour was more sophisticated of course!

                          We enjoyed our alcohol-free tasting menu last night, but the free wine was no longer in evidence (fair enough). The soups were a highlight as was the pickeral. The only problem was that with both the surf and turf dinners, the two mains were too similar (pickeral followed by perch - both served with potato - and hangar steak followed by caribou, somewhat similarly prepared). In retrospect we should have traded so we each got one turf, one surf main.

                      2. The place looks stunning! Great reno/design job...reminds me of Jump Cafe meets the now defunct Square on Mount Pleasant. This place should be a true gem. Met the Chef and owner the other night, and they totally seem to have their act together. Can't wait to go for dinner and drinks. Love the original bowling alley floor! No bowling balls yet though:(

                        1. We had brunch at Globe today and it was outstanding... the sweet vanilla crepes were unbelievably good. Looking forward to trying their dinner menu sometime soon.

                          1. does anyone know who the chef is there?

                            i'm excited to try it out...i'm definitely adding it to the list.

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                            1. re: vox

                              According to Chefdb.com it is Mark Cutrara... check the link for his background.


                              Overall I was definitely impressed... by the room (to say it was a total makeover of the Cafe Brussel space is an understatement) as well as the quality of the food, the presentation, and the service. Seems like it was a bit overstaffed for brunch... 4 servers, Adrian the front of house manager, and a full kitchen for only 3 tables. I guess minor things like this will work itself out over time... the good news is the food and the execution at the moment is top notch.

                              As mentioned, looking forward to dinner at Globe soon!

                            2. Well, the free wine deal and the tasting menu is apparently over. I just tried to book a table for tomorrow and it's a la carte only, but no booze yet. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

                              One thing I found interesting: I asked the maitre if we could bring our own bottle and he said: "That too will have to wait, unfortunately." So, I am not sure if they're planning to allow BYOW.

                              1. I wish I knew they were open last week, my wife and I ate in the area when we could have been there!

                                Here is the website, where you can also find the menu.


                                1. Went to the Globe on Sunday for brunch. It was excellent. The room looks great, the service was very good.

                                  My wife had Eggs Benedict with smoked Lake Huron whitefish, both of which were perfect.
                                  I pigged out and had the eggs with roast pork belly, smoked sautéed potatoes, breakfast sausage and creamed spinach. Everything was very good, no grease, just nice and fresh.

                                  1. They forgot part of our order, but that was rectified immediately when I told our waitress.
                                  2. We had to wait 15 minutes for our bill because the computer was down and nobody knew how to restart it. Wait staff kept us informed at all times, we weren't in a rush and there was no problem.
                                  3. Tea. I love my tea and the only green tea they had on offer was of some flavoured variety. But I am nitpicking now and I know it.

                                  I can't wait to go back for dinner.

                                  1. we tried to go this week at around 2:15 for brunch- they were closed as they had run out of eggs. sigh.

                                    1. Now fully licensed. Got it Wednesday

                                      1. Fiiinally, went to the globe tonight for an early seating and had one of the best meals (and service) ever. We started from the tapas menu the frites (crispy, well flavoured and amazing with a lovely reduction), and the chicken wings (the cutest tiniest little wings) and they served us freshly cut bread with butter and an excellent mushroom truffle butter. Then we all had the black pepper ricotta gnocchi with truffle broth and mushrooms which was truly incredible. It was my first time trying gnocchi and its now on my comfort foods list.
                                        For mains, 3 of us had the roasted beef onglet which was extremely juicy and another ordered the oven roasted la ferme chicken supreme with delicious mushrooms and a small sweet onions and potatoes. I tried this dish as well and I was so tempted to beg the chef for the recipe, the potatoes were soo crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside and the little onions were incredibly sweet..
                                        Desserts were equally impressive, two had the banana cream tart with white chocolate and two(including myself which was served with a birthday candle melted onto the plate) had a delicious apple gingerbread trifle with creme anglaise.. both deserts were to die for and I wish I could have eaten them for ever.
                                        Drinks were the fun part. We decided to go with wine "flights" so each of us (except one of us who was not drinking ) got a set of 3 different approx. 3 oz pours per "flight". Wines were explained in great detail and I thoroughly enjoyed every glass I tasted (we each had 6 or 2 separate "flights" each). With dessert, two had coffee and I had a lovely cherry herbal loose tea( they have a great tea list and our waitor was kind enough to bring me out a few containers to smell so I could chose).
                                        We definately had some of the best service, and some of the best food as well and with 4 entrees, 3 apps/tapas, 2 "flights" for 3 ppl each (though, since as a new restaurant, we were apparently the first table to request "flights", so our first round was on the house), 2 pops, 2 coffees, a tea, and 4 desserts was just under 200$.
                                        Service wise, it was flawless, our waitor was incredibly helpful, and food came prefectly timed. And of course I must mention, it looks amazing in there. The apparently expensive reno looks incredible.
                                        RUN to the globe asap before it gets so popular you cannot get a seat. I really cant wait to go back.

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                                        1. re: hungryabbey

                                          Well, you finally made it, hungryabbey. :) So glad to hear that you had an awesome time. Unfortunately, my planned birthday dinner there didn't come through but at least I know that when I finally do get to eat there, it'll be worth the wait. Thanks for the great review!

                                          1. re: hungryabbey

                                            Hey Abbey,

                                            Glad to hear you had such a good time.

                                            Do you know how much the flight cost?

                                            Also, how much time should I budget for such a nice meal?

                                            BTW, what did you think of the wings with the cocoa and esspresso? did it taste weird? or does this combination really work?

                                            PS - Happy ??th Birthday!


                                            1. re: HarryLloyd

                                              Hey HL, to be competely honest, I have to wonder if they made a mistake OR simply just were doing this to be nice since we were the first table to do flights.. but, our first round (there were 3 of us doing it, and a "flight round" is 3 different wines each) was on the house.. Then we ordered another round with our mains.. and on the bill, the wine came up as only costing I think 22$.. which, I mean, is crazy. So I dont know what they normally charge , b/c 22$ for 9 glasses of 3 oz. wines seems .. well, wrong. Though , we didnt complain. Our meal included tapas courses, a "mid course" , mains and desserts. And we didnt rush at all and were out within 2 hours. You could do it quicker if you want probably if you were in a rush b/c I saw a table get sat at the same time as us and get out probably within an hour and maybe a bit bc I overheard they were going to a party.
                                              With the wings, it tasted amazing. To be honest, it didnt really taste strongly of cocoa or coffee, more like just a really good hot sause. For sure if you go try them, and for SURE try the frites, they were the best I have ever had!
                                              ENJOY if you go!!

                                          2. We made it to the Globe for dinner tonight. We arrived for an early reservation at 6:30. The entrance is a bit odd when you arrive. The hostess station is actually behind the wall so we didn’t see the hostess until we heard her perky greeting. The bar area was completed packed, most of the tables were filled and a lot of people were standing by the bar. We’ll have to keep this place in mind when looking for a hip place to hang out. We were seated promptly in the main dining room (beautiful room) and our coats whisked away to the cloakroom. Our waiter was very prompt and polite with a hint of attitude about him but not enough to be irritated by.

                                            They gave us ample time to peruse both menus (tapas and dinner) and we never felt neglected nor rushed. I had the pork belly and scallop appetizer which was fantastic. Just the right balance of salt and crispiness of the pork belly to offset the tender melt in your mouth scallop. My friend had the gnocchi which she declared was fantastic. Being lactose intolerant I was unable to sample this myself. I had the black cod for my main. The cod was perfectly cooked but a bit flavourless. It needed something other than the freshness of the fish grilled lightly. My friend had the beef onglet which was slightly tougher than she had wanted but was very happy with the tamale that came with it. For dessert she went with the banana cream tart which she loved and properly would’ve ordered a second order is she still had room! I had the shoo-fly cake which was delicious. It was a nice fluffy moist cake. The accompanying dark chocolate sticks were a nice contrast to the sweetness of the cake. I was impressed to find white tea as an option since it’s my favourite kind of tea. My friend enjoyed the coffee enough to ask for a second cup.

                                            The service was very good except the dishes themselves are not very functional. They’re very pretty and the food is presented beautifully but watching the servers struggle with placing the plates on the table gracefully was awkward. There were many times I wanted to reach out and help them! I don’t think there was a second seating because we didn’t leave till 9:30 and never felt rushed or pressed to go at any time. Dinner for the two of us with tax and tip came to $150. Very reasonable for the quality of our meal. We will return.

                                            1. Thanks for the great review... have gone for brunch several times (always excellent) but will hopefully make it there for dinner soon.