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New to Mid City LA & need recs


I've just moved to the Mid City area (San Vincente & La Brea) and would like some local neighborhood recommendations. Food I tend to favor are South & Central American flavors, taco trucks, Pho, cafe's with good coffee, and delis.


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  1. 1. At the "Farmer's Market" area (outdoors under canopy) at the west end of the Grove, there is an authentic delicious Mexican place, inexpensive, called Loteria.
    2. Good taco stand on the west side of Western Ave, just north of the exit from the I-10 freeway. Good chorizo and egg burrito.
    3. At Olympic and Western, just south of Olympic on west side of Western, is an old rustic Mexican place El Cholo. Dark wood, fireplaces in each room. Go on a cold rainy day.

    1. You're not going to find good pho in Koreatown, unfortunately. A reasonable facsimile, sure, but without a doubt a Korean interpretation of a Vietnamese dish.

      I second the Loteria rec in Farmer's Market.

      You've got the best deli around in Canter's on Fairfax.

      1. be sure to try the croissants and opera cake at la maison du pain
        La Maison Du Pain 5373 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

        1. Sake House on La Brea near Wilshire is a good, relaxed place. Their sushi is fine, and the little plates are very tasty. Happy Hour specials are a good deal. (I know it technically doesn't fall into the food cateogries you mention, but it's worth trying.) El Cholo, which a previous mentioned, is the same as all the other El Cholos in LA, but it's the original so has a less Tex-Mex atmosphere. Food and margaritas are pretty much the same, love it or hate it.

          1. Besides taco trucks, Chulada Grill on San Vicente and Hauser has great tacos and Oaxacan dishes (and great pico de gallo). It's not much more than a glorified taco stand. They also deliver. http://www.chuladagrill.com/ It's a great standby -- and far better than El Cholo (and, imo, Loteria).

            On Olympic, just east of Western is Guelaguetza for Oaxacan. There are a number of mentions in other threads.

            If you haven't explored Ethiopian food, you are right near Little Ethiopia (on Fairfax south of Olympic). Meals by Genet and Messob get a lot of recommendations here.

            1. I live in this neighborhood and here's what I like.
              For Indian - India's Tandoori - 5947 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, 90035 - (323) 936-2050
              Not too expensive, family run, fresh, will make it with almost no ghee or oil if you request, and they deliver super fast. I'm addicted to this place.

              Ethiopian - Blue Nile on Fairfax
              Yummy. Great for vegetarians. Also, not too expensive.

              Pizza - Cicero's
              They deliver and it's decent for LA pizza. Also, cheap cheap cheap and the pizza arrives hot.

              I've eaten at Chulada Grill and thought it was awful.
              But Lucy's Mexican Drive Through - open 24 hours at the corner of Pico and La Brea - delicious chili relleno burritos. I'm addicted.

              Brunch - I can't remember the name right now, but the cute little place on the corner of La Brea and 2nd, next to Jiffy Lube. Excellent frittatas served with sweet potato puree. Very nice.

              Also, a Tuna Salad sandwich from Canters, on rye with lettuce and tomato...get it with their potato salad or french fries well done.

              Back to Sake House mentioned in an earlier post on this thread - it's actually on La Brea between 8th and 9th on the west side of the street. Never been there but it's walking distance so I'll try it soon.

              For southern Indian - India's Sweets and Spices - on Venice Blvd. west of La Cienega - borderline Culver City. It's a snack shop but great stuff.

              1. Koreatown Pho recommendations from KCRW "Good Food" radio show (listen online---the last segment of the Oct. 16 broadcast is on Pho resurgence in Koreatown)
                Pho 4000 (Vietnamese run)
                Pho 2000

                Both near 4th and Western. Sorry no address.

                1. Taco truck at the south west corner of La Brea & Olympic. Not sure what time they get there, might be 6PM, because they park in the driveway of a closed business, off the street.

                  An FYI, if you haven't seen it yet, you're awfully close to Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles... or better yet, Maurice's Snak & Chat for great fried chicken (prepare to wait, but it's worth it if you have the time.)

                  Sky's tacos on Pico near Hauser, very close to Maison du Pain which I second. Good croissants, pastries, haven't yet tried their mini-quiches.

                  1. for coffee:
                    - la brea bakery: really good baked goods, although seating is limited to a couple small tables outside (la brea between 6th and wilshire).

                    - maison du pain has really good coffee drinks, turns out

                    - insomnia: a little farther north but you can sit for hours and write your masterpiece screenplay undisturbed (beverly and martel-ish)

                    - coffee corner at the farmer's market: great cheap friendly coffee

                    south/central american:
                    - CJs: on Pico, 1 block west of Hauser -- great diner with really really great huevos rancheros (more info and pictures here: http://tannazie.blogspot.com/2006/07/...


                    - El Salvador Con Sabor: pupusas and what not. cozy spot in a strip mall. good breakfast.

                    - there's a place called pasquale's on san vicente just west of hauser that is a cute italian cafe.

                    1. I felt really out of place at Insomnia without a laptop and at least pretending to write a screenplay. I prefer T on Fairfax or even Canters if I wanted to sit for hours.

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                        i've only been to T once, so i wasn't sure what their policy was on sitting for hours... glad to hear they are amenable to it! i really like it too!

                      2. There also seems to be this new place, Bloom, on Pico and Curson. I have only seen it open for lunch, it looks very cute. Has anyone tried it yet, or know their hours?

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                          Bloom is open daily for breakfast and lunch. Their menu is listed at http://www.go2bloom.com/. It's owned by the guys who used to own Pastis on Beverly. I've had brunch there several times and I've liked it a lot.

                        2. Thanks everyone for their suggestions!!

                          1. I also think Chulada Grill is awful. For tacos, I head down to La Cienega near the 10 to a little place called Pantry's Pizza. It's in the mini-mall next to Yum Yum. It looks like nothing (and in fact, it's not really nice to sit and eat at) but they have great carnitas and chicken soft tacos. I've had the pizza and it's pretty good too. It's a bit sweet (kind of a lighter version of the Numero Uno crust.) but i'd go for the tacos.

                            I love the Urth cafe coffee (Beverly south of Wislhire or on Melrose/La Cienega). Sometimes hard to find a table but love the coffee.

                            Bread Bar on 3rd near La Cienega. Really good baked goods and coffee. Great sandwiches too. Kind of upscale kind of place, not really the kidn to sit with your laptop for a long time.