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Nov 18, 2006 01:57 PM

New to Mid City LA & need recs


I've just moved to the Mid City area (San Vincente & La Brea) and would like some local neighborhood recommendations. Food I tend to favor are South & Central American flavors, taco trucks, Pho, cafe's with good coffee, and delis.


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  1. 1. At the "Farmer's Market" area (outdoors under canopy) at the west end of the Grove, there is an authentic delicious Mexican place, inexpensive, called Loteria.
    2. Good taco stand on the west side of Western Ave, just north of the exit from the I-10 freeway. Good chorizo and egg burrito.
    3. At Olympic and Western, just south of Olympic on west side of Western, is an old rustic Mexican place El Cholo. Dark wood, fireplaces in each room. Go on a cold rainy day.

    1. You're not going to find good pho in Koreatown, unfortunately. A reasonable facsimile, sure, but without a doubt a Korean interpretation of a Vietnamese dish.

      I second the Loteria rec in Farmer's Market.

      You've got the best deli around in Canter's on Fairfax.

      1. be sure to try the croissants and opera cake at la maison du pain
        La Maison Du Pain 5373 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

        1. Sake House on La Brea near Wilshire is a good, relaxed place. Their sushi is fine, and the little plates are very tasty. Happy Hour specials are a good deal. (I know it technically doesn't fall into the food cateogries you mention, but it's worth trying.) El Cholo, which a previous mentioned, is the same as all the other El Cholos in LA, but it's the original so has a less Tex-Mex atmosphere. Food and margaritas are pretty much the same, love it or hate it.

          1. Besides taco trucks, Chulada Grill on San Vicente and Hauser has great tacos and Oaxacan dishes (and great pico de gallo). It's not much more than a glorified taco stand. They also deliver. It's a great standby -- and far better than El Cholo (and, imo, Loteria).

            On Olympic, just east of Western is Guelaguetza for Oaxacan. There are a number of mentions in other threads.

            If you haven't explored Ethiopian food, you are right near Little Ethiopia (on Fairfax south of Olympic). Meals by Genet and Messob get a lot of recommendations here.