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Wusthof sale in Briarcliff/Ossining is really worth the trip--but go early

They have lots of their best quality, full-tang "Grand-Prix" chef's knives for under $40, plus tons of perfectly good, $15 (9"/10")plastic handled chef's knives, excellent cheap kitchen shears, blocks, etc. Dirt cheap, high quality full tang paring knives(and you can never have too many of those!). Plus, they'll sharpen any knife (even a Henckel) for $1. I'm really fussy about my knives, I have good ones and usually sharpen them myself because many pro sharpeners can take off too much--but Wusthof did the best sharpening job I've seen. I'll definitly be going back even at full price ($2 per knife). The warehouse is on Rte. 9 just over the Briarcliff/Ossining border in Ossining--good luck!

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  1. Do you have the exact address and dates? Thanks.

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      There was an ad in last Sunday's regional section. The address given is Rte. 9 in Briarcliff Manor, 2 miles north of Rte 117, south of Arcadian Shopping Center. The sreet address is 333 South Highland Ave, Briarcliff Manor (914) 502-5030. My memory is slightly different--it's just over the Ossining border (which we found confusing, it looks like it's in Ossining to me), in a big building addressed as 333 Rte. 9 . (I suspect Rte 9 is just re-named South Highland Avenue in that area). The building also serves as their corporate offices, and looks like a corporate-park-type office building. It also has a service area for the wares, and that's where the sale is. Sadly, there's only one more day--Sunday (tomorrow), 10am-3pm.

    2. Thanks for this info!!!!!

      1. Thanks so much for the post...went there this afternoon, had my knives sharpened and bought a DOOKIE-LOAD of great priced knives for gifts (and self)...Manager said they'll have another sale before christmas and then again in may..

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          wow. if you happen to hear about the other sale before Christmas, please, please let us know about it! I'm bummed I missed this one...

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            Check the Pennysaver. Both warehouses usually take out quarter or half page ads when they have sales. Henckels is only right before Christmas; Wusthof has two or three a year.

        2. I made it to the Henckels sale and spent so much time there I could make it to the Wusthof sale. I'd love to know about the next Wusthof sale!

          1. I guess its over now is that it? Any idea how many times a year they have them?

            1. I was able to get to the Wustof sale, mostly because I wanted my knives sharpened. My santuko knife had a nick in it and when I got the knife back, the nick was gone!

              Their selection was incredible, particularly for specialty knives. They had salmon knives, roast beef knives, sandwich knives (extra long), you name it. But the best part was, the people they had on the sales floor were very knowledgeable. I saw one guy demonstrate the flexibility of a fish knife, and talk about why one would want that (to cut the scales), and actually bent the knife to make his point. He was amazing.

              I heard the cashier say that they do it about 3 times a year and I thought I heard her say they will do it again before the holidays.

              1. I too was impressed by the knowledgeable and pleasant sales staff. For a warehouse sale this was definitely above average service! I learned that the best knives are 'forged' out of one block of metal as opposed to a flat blade 'pressed' with the handle onto it. So then even the start of the handle, or even the entire handle, is solid steel. Whether this makes a huge difference in performance, I don't really know, but it's a good tidbit to know.