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Nov 18, 2006 12:52 PM

Westchester Caribbean/West Indian bakery?

I could swear that there was a good Caribbean/West Indian bakery in Westchester, but I can't for the life of me remember where. Does this ring any bells with anyone?

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  1. Royal Caribbean in Mount Vernon. Also there are a few Golden Krusts (chain bakery) around--I know of one in Ossining and one in White Plains. Both of these places have websites. Not as good as the islands (or Brooklyn), but less of a trip!

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      Thanks, Marge. I know that Mount Vernon has a huge Caribbean population--in fact, there's a funny ice cream store (the Ice Cream Factory)that makes Caribbean flavored ice creams. The Stout is really good, plus soursop, and Grape Nuts. I'll check them out. Oh, and thanks for Churrasqiera Ribatejo--we went a couple of weeks ago and had a fine, very huge meal. The octopus salad would have been a bargain at twice the price

    2. Glad you enjoyed. Got another one for you--Mediterranean Restaurant on South St in Peekskill. Although it's called Mediterranean, it's very authentic Ecuadorian--also, huge portions and quite inexpensive. No liquor, no English spoken. We had mixed seafood and yucca, which consisted of a huge portion of very lightly fried, very fresh, fish, shrimp and squid along with perfectly fried yucca. Also a combination plate consisting of a thin steak with fried eggs, 2 meaty short ribs, a hot dog (which we did not eat), sweet plantains, and rice and beans. Very good homemade hot sauce and plenty of limes served with. With a bottled water and a coke (no pepsi), our meal, which we could not come close to finishing was under $25.

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        Sounds great--I wonder if they'll go for BYOB (and if so, a $10 charge?) The hot dog thing is funny. I've seen hot dogs somewhere else in a different ethnicity and it always makes me smile. It's like the real, grass roots fusion cuisine: hot dogs and Spam, not lime leaves and jicama.

      2. I have a great suggestion, courtesy of the NY Times: it's called Ruth's Jamaican Deli and it's in White Plains on Battle Ave (sort of a random, residential neighborhood, near the BRP). The jerk chicken was great, very moist and well-spiced; the beef patties are way better than golden krust, comparable only to Tasty Patties in Montego Bay; the fish was a bit dry but made up for by a wonderful sauce, and their rice is fantastic. It's really just a great find. Apparently they have great candied yams, but they're only made on Sundays.

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          Thanks for this review-- I read about Ruth's in the Times and haven't gotten down there yet. Now I will definitely make time to go!

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            Due to this thread I went over tonight for take-out. We had beef patties - very good and two dinners. The jerk chicken was excellent, exactly as you described and the oxtails were good. The rice and peas and veggies that accompanied both were delicious. Ruth was very nice, friendly and helpful. The deli is extremely low key and while it was empty at about 5pm on a Saturday, they were packing up "to go" orders like crazy and taking phone orders too. We will go back and try the stewed chicken and curry goat next time. Can't wait.