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Good resturants very near the science museum?

Ok so heres the story, the day after thanksgiving my whole family (11 people) are going to the science museum. Afterwards we want to go to dinner, are there any good, casual,fairly priced resturants in very close walking distance of the museum?
thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a fairly new place in the Sonesta Hotel (across from the Galleria and near the MOS). Chef used to be at Blu.

    1. The last poster is talking about 'Dante' http://www.restaurantdante.com this restaurant is not casual or inexpensive.

      The Hotel Marlow also has a restaurant: Bambara

      Right inside the mall there is Pappa Razzi, & The Cheescake Factory.

      Not too far away is Kendall square with a few different restaurants: The Blue Room and a brew-pub with the standard fair...

      1. The Museum is in kind of an isolated spot. You may have to walk for a bit. Are you trying to eat lunch or dinner? Either way, you might want to make a reservation for a crowd that size.

        Bambara a nice-looking New American place in the Hotel Marlowe. They serve lunch and dinner. It's not cheap: entrees are in the low $20s. I haven't been here in years. I suspect the chef whose food didn't wow me back then is long gone.

        The Galleria mall has some chain outlets. California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Razzi, Cheesecake Factory. CPK is the only one I would visit if I really had to. Big food court there, too.

        Dante in the Sonesta is a fairly fancy, fairly expensive place: most entrees are up near $30.

        The Similans is a decent Thai restaurant (same owners as Brown Sugar). The Helmand is a fine-dining Afghani place that I really like (no lunch). The Second Street Cafe is a wonderful little neighborhood lunch place for sandwiches, salads, soups, but it's counter service, and might be a bit cramped for a big party. If you walk in the other direction, you're not too far from Pierrot Bistrot, an excellent, mid-priced, authentic French place.

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          re: CPK being the best option of the Galleria offerings, I disagree. I think you can get decent or better food at Paparazzi, and they would easily handle a group that size with a reservation. CPK was filthy the one time I tried to eat there and although I work across the street I wont go back. Paparazzi is no more than a 10 minute walk from the MOS and I think it fits this requirement. If it was *my* group, I'd probably take them to Desfina and order lots of cheap and cheerful Greek food and wine, but it is a really casual atmosphere so if they need something nicer it's not the place. Probably a 15 min walk, too. The Galleria options are much closer.

          With any of these places, the OP absolutely needs to call first. I wouldn't be surprised if half your options were closed on TG day. Similans good, if a bit to sweet and gloopy, Thai.

        2. I'd agree with the crowd here and suggest that in that area, you could find casual OR good OR cheap, but none that are all three.
          Dante's a hotel restaurant, so they are tolerant of casual clothing but it may be above your price range for 11. Also the food is not particularly kid-friendly (although it sure is tasty!)

          1. Desfina isn't TOO far. I haven't been but some hounds have enjoyed it. http://www.desfina.com/ Hounds?

            1. I think that Helmands would fit the bill. Different, interesting food, close by (facing the Gallereia)casual, and affordable.

              1. Desfina has more of a diner atmosphere -- if that's okay with you, the food is pretty good and it's not expensive.

                Helmand would be difficult with a party that big, I think -- it tends to be crowded. But you could try it.

                I think the Similans would be your best bet if everybody likes Thai food. But each of these places is about a 15 minute walk from the MOS.

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                  how far aproximatly is the Similians from MoS, because we do have someone who can't walk more that 10 min, sorry i should have mentioned that before. Otherwise we're leaning towards the Similians, i'mjust not positive how far away from MoS it is.

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                    It's a mile, according to Google Maps.

                    By the way, Helmand is right next door, the chain restaurants in the Galleria are across the street, and Desfina is about a 5-minute walk closer to the MoS. I don't think there's anything in the immediate neighborhood of the MoS.

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                      On foot, The Similans is only 0.55 miles, a tad more than a ten-minute walk.

                  2. You might walk over by North Station, it's a little further than the Galleria and there are a number of bar/restaurants (I like Boston Beer Works). You could take the T there, or continue on to the Quincy Market area.

                    1. I second Helmold. Food is great, not pricey and the service is always good.

                      1. the day after thanksgiving will be a mob scene at any of those restaurants in the galleria -- busiest shopping day of the year. and i think dante is terribly over-rated. wherever you decide, i strongly recommend a reservation for a party of that size.

                        the green line is extremely accesible (the museum has its own stop!) which really expands your options. go 1 stop to north station to places like the boston beer works or mcgann's ( a real irish pub, not a faux one) and azure ( a bit more upscale). or go 2 stops to haymarket and the north end is stone's throw away. although a party of 11 would need a reservation any place over there.

                        happy birthday!

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                          Was just at the MOS this evening. The Green Line stop has a lot of stairs to climb--don't know your party's limitations. (Didn't check for an elevator but it's the T, I wouldn't count on a working one.) You've considered just springing for a taxi for those who need it? If so I'd order it well in advance.

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                            I think you mean Anthem instead of Azure by North Station. Or you could just go to Copley and hit Azure itself for a quiet upscale dinner. Isn't there a restaurant actually in the Museum that's supposed to be okay or is that just a lunch thing?

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                              oops, yes, i did mean anthem. robert fathman both places, and it was lazy sunday brain, lol. thanks.

                              the museum really is in an isolated spot to get anything decent within a short walk.

                          2. Take the T and go to Durgin Park--they can handle 11 people.

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                              do you think they really want baked beans and "schrod"?

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                                Best Indian pudding in the world, and the Fred Flintstone sized prime rib is great.

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                                You still end up with a non-trivial walk at the other end, from Government Center or Haymarket to North Market.