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Nov 18, 2006 12:05 PM

TGIF - Thanksgiving in Florida

This weekend, I've got to run around town and gather all the fixings for a Florida Style Thanksgiving feast under the stars. I am confident all you hounds will provide the extra inspiration I need to dazzle my relatives this year.

Here is the topic:

What are you making for Thanksgiving that's delicious enough to share on this board?
Where in Florida are you getting the ingredients? (address or online link would be a plus)
What's your favorite holiday recipe?

I confess - I dreamed of my grandmother's onion speckled mashed potatoes all last night.
Last year we incorporated stone crabs as our Iron Chef ingredient to make Thanksgiving more Floridian.

What's on your menu?

Additionally, for those not cooking - what restaurants in Florida do you like to go to for a great holiday meal? Again, an address or link would be a big help...

"Happy Holidays Hounds!

Here's Hoping Your Breasts Stay Moist and Your Guests are Choice!



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  1. I'll definitely be using that toast !!

    I started smoking a couple of turkey legs for my grandson a couple of years back and they have become a tradition with my daughter's family. I make a Dr Pepper-based bbq sauce, really a glaze that I just finish them with in the last half hour and as a dipping sauce.

    Now my son-in-law wants me to do "a couple of racks of ribs for appetizers." My daughter has put her foot down on that one -- as we agree it would detract from her meal, which is fairly traditional.

    I am also baking two sweet onion pies (can't get Vidalias any more here) this year. It's a recipe I came across at last year's Great American Pie baking contest and tried to make on my own.
    The guy that submitted the pie in the contest turned up in the show, airing on Food Network now, so I tracked him down and now have his recipe to try. So I'm doing one of his and one of mine.


    1. Bob>

      Will you post the pie recipe? Pretty please?

      You can get real vidalias shipped by calling 800-447-9338 or

      They will keep for a year in your fridge drawer if you wrap them each separately or knot them individually down the leg of a ladies nylon stocking...


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      1. re: advisor_Girl

        I'm going to post it on the Home Cooking board, as they tend to move posts with recipes and I don't want to break this thread.

        I'll post the recipe I got from the originator of the pie and mine as well.


      2. I casually did something the other day that we concluded had 'Thanksgiving'
        written all over it...

        It freaked us out how good it was...

        I peeled and chopped a big sweet potato into 1-2" chunks, and did the same with an acorn squash...
        I left the trimmed root end on a big onion and sliced it into 1/2" sections...

        I tossed all that in a big bowl and added Extra Virgin liberally to lube everything up real good...

        Ya know Paula Deen's "House Seas'nin' "?
        The stuff she uses on everything?
        I just used that to season...

        (Recipe for House Seasoning...)
        1 cup salt
        1/4 cup Fresh Ground Black Pepper
        1/4 cup Garlic Powder

        Not bad at all...

        But here's the kicker... I added about a half a cup of 'Craisins' to the big bowl...
        Those sweet dehydrated cranberries...

        I emptied the bowl into a baking dish and baked it all at 400F, gently tossing a few times,
        till everything was cooked--- about 1/2 hour I think...

        I broiled at the end to put some color on the onion tips that were sticking out...

        It was all great, but those bites with the most Craisins in em' were like little gifts...
        The sweet with the savory was perfect...

        We're thinking about using this in the future as a filler to be used with puff pastry---
        but that's another show...

        And it was yellow, orange, and red!

        I took a photo next to the killer chicken salad I made that day too...
        Let's see if I can get it up here...

        It was a good day in the 'big cookin' room'...

        I'll post this on the 'Home Cooking' board too just in case...

        1. Thanks Bob & Bill!

          So we do not get kicked off this thread - is anyone going OUT for Thanksgiving?

          I am sure folks will appreciate a few tips on where to eat in Fla restaurants.

          I sent some friends out to the Ark 6255 Stirling Road, Davie (just WEST of the turnpike on the north side of Stirling) 954-584-3075 Their family style all day dining can't be beat.

          Anyone else?


          1. Sweet Potato Mashed Casserole with Kaluha and melted marshmellows always graces our table on Thanksgiving Day.

            Don't ask for the recipe, because I don't cook it, sorry! All I am good for is carving the Bird and making stiff drinks!!!

            Happy T-DAY to one and all...if ever there was a Holiday celebrating the spirit of this board, this Thursday is it! Thanks Chowhound and chowhounds for giving us the goods.