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Nov 18, 2006 11:21 AM

salad served while wine is being consumed???

I serve salad at informal dinners with the main course. I am aware
that the vinegrette is a bad combo with good wine and am curious to
know how others handle this problem.

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  1. Use verjus instead of vinegar. Verjus is a non-alcoholic juice of pre-ripened wine grapes, and is available at high-end shops and some liquor stores. The acid is compatible with wine. Many of the best restaurants in NY use this.

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    1. re: pitterpatter

      thanks..just the kind of response I was looking for. Will go on
      search today..

    2. Most of the time, I serve a green salad after the entree. But with a heavy meal such as Thanksgiving, I serve a chopped salad that complements the other foods on the plate and does not stand out. I guess its more of a relish then.

      1. I really dislike most wine with salads, especially red which my husband and I tend to drink with our main course. Wines that go well with green salad are very crisp acidic white wines (i.e. Gruner Veltliner) or alternatively champagne or sparkling whites. So, if you don't want to change your salad dressing and have enough people to warrant opening another bottle you might try one of these. I particularly like champagne with greens.

        1. I hear you on the wine-with-salad issue. It is yucky. But I'm big on the homemake vinaigrettes. We just do our salads after the main course when we might only have a couple of swallows of wine left or when we're ready to take a pause before another glass.