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Nov 18, 2006 08:23 AM

Popeye's Deep Fried Turkey - any this year?

So I'm writing from China..uncertain about my return date to the US.

Suddenly I remembered last year's Christmas dinner: Popeye's Deep Fried Turkey! I lugged it back from the Popeye's on 125th street and I think St. Nicholas. Moist & flavorful it was..every bit of it!

I feel the calling of the big bird.

Does anyone know if Popeye's offering it this year again? I can't seem to find the right website from here in China.

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  1. Yes, Popeyes is selling their Cajun Turkeys in some locations.
    here is the NY locations. I did not get any hits in Manhattan and since I live in California I don't know the next closest to you.


    basically you go to Popeyes.com and then do nearest store search
    and it will have an icon if the turkeys will be available there.

    You can also try cajungrocer.com and have a turkey delivered to you.

    1. It's probably too late to get it. I went last week at my local popeye's and they nearly laughed when I aksed - they are completely sold out. Check out The Jive Turkey but they seem pretty sold out for mail order as well. Fried turkey is their entire business. I'm getting the $249 + catered meal. Will see how it is this coming Thursday!


      1. Another year. I thought to call the Popeyes on 125th and St.Nicholas today and asked about the Cajun Fried Turkey that I missed last year. They have it today and tomorrow for sure, but starting monday, you'd want to at least put down a deposit if you want one reserved for you.

        I went by tonight to pick one up. Asked for a partially thawed one because i wanted to eat some tonight. At $34.99 (no sides) it's a good deal. Remembering the first time I had ever tried it I cooked a pot of plain white rice as my side. Indeed the turkey is quite salty, but very tender and flavorful. Little bits of fattiness and the skin rounded off the basic turkey taste. Pouring some of the juices over the rice and I was in a very happy place. .. A little bit of this turkey sure goes a long way.

        1. I have had a Popeye's Fried Cajun Turkey every year for the holidays for the last 6 years. I order it from the CajunGrocer.com. The Popeye's in my area do not consistently caryy them so I have found it easier and worth the delivery charge for a sure thing. Last year I waited too long and they sold out. However, I got really lucky for I was visiting family in Atlanta a week before Christmas, and I passed a non-franchised Popeye's who was selling the fabulous birds. Brought two back home. This year I have already ordered for a Christmas delivery. Since I am not planning a trip to Atlanta I am not taking any chances of another sell out. Good luck!

          1. HLing, so you know, the Popey's on 116th st. between Lenox and 5th Avenues also offers it every year.

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              What form does this turkey come in? Is it a frozen turkey, already deep fried and still on the bone? Is it off the bone?

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                I recall that it came semi-cooked and you don't have to do anything other than to stick it in the oven. It's on the bone and not deep fried. It also came with biscuits and sides. It has always met with praises whenever we've served it--it really is pretty good. And I think the offer extends up to Christmas too--at least the one on 116th. Oh, and we're talking about a whole turkey here.