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Nov 18, 2006 06:02 AM

Recommendations for good food in southern Oregon??


My husband and I are going to drive up to Oregon next week. We need recommendations for restaurants with good food..

1. Klamath Falls: How are the 'Elmer's ' chain of restaurants? (Is it comparable with Applebee's?) We will be there on Thanksgiving, so pretty much all the places are closed. Does anyone know any place that's open and is accepting reservations for Thanksgiving dinner?

2. Roseburg: I saw some of the previous posts, but can anyone tell me more about Brutke's Wagon Wheel and the Brix 527? Are there any romantic places in/ around a 10 mile radius?

3. Reedsport: Any recommendations for good clam chowder with a good view?


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  1. Ranchhouse at Running Y (several miles west of town) is pricey, but worth it and open for TG. Mr. B's Steakhouse, has a charming lounge, where you can be served dinner. Antonio's Cucina is good Italian, downtown location on Main Street -- probably not open for Thanksgiving. Rocky Point restaurant at Upper Klamath lake is good food in a charming, rustic enviroment -- not certain about Thanksgiving.

    1. Bel Tramonto is a new Italian place in KF. Excellent fine dining, authentic Italian, everything from scratch. Open Tues-Sat. Excellent wine list - over 70 bottles to choose, with some super Italians - borolo, sangiovese, chianti, amorone, cabs, pinots, as well as 30+ flavors by the glass. Fine dining is kinda wierd for KF, but food and service you won't believe.

      Waldo's on Main is a killer little off-the-wall brew pub. Over 25 beers on tap, full liquor liscense and wines. Great bar food with sushi on Friday and Saturday nights. Not the best sushi in the world, but for KF, it's pretty darned good.

      1. Late arrival at Hotel (Water Wheel in Roseburg - totally great) brought us to Wagon Wheel (lounge) for a serviceable roast beef sandwich, a salad, and some pretty OK wings - what made it all work was the room, the clientele, and the staff. Wish we'd be here tomorrow to try out the real menu and not just the pub grub, but it was a great experience. YMMV

        Wagon Wheel Cafe
        118 Main St, Kittitas, WA 98934