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Nov 18, 2006 05:31 AM

Italian Bakeries With Great Crusty Bread

Does anyone know of any Italian bakery with GREAT sliced crusty Italain bread?

I still pick up several loaves at an excellent Italain family bakery whenever I'm in Niagara Falls.

I've not been able to find a great place in Toronto but I can't believe it doesn't exist!


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  1. There are many bakeries and many styles of bread at hundreds of Toronto bakeries. I know a couple. I like the bread (and sandwiches) and Trezzano Bakery at the corner of Wilson and Dufferin. There's also La Luna on Wilson, just west of there.

    1. Tre Mari Bakery on St Clair between Dufferin and Lansdowne...all types of crusty Italian even a whole wheat version...Miranda

      1. What area are you looking for? As has been mentioned, there are dozens of good Italian bakeries in the city. It will be easier to give a recommendation if specifiy a certain area.

        1. Any Nino DaVersa Italian bakeries. I still know one up at Steeles and Yonge st on the north west corner, not visible from the street but its there. Tour boi

          1. There is a great one in Etobicoke, royal york and la rose. Its called La Rose bakery. All kinds of crusty breads. . . . huge deli counter, antipasto bar, cheeses, etc. . . . It has been a stand-by in the area for years. Great bread. . . . it won't disappoint. They have a slicer and you basically choose your own bread and slice it if you like.