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kfc snackers

tried a kfc snacker for the first time today. ordered the buffalo chicken snacker at a drive thru and i was very impressed. $0.99 for a piece of white meat chicken with decent buffalo sauce. nice. what's your experience? i think that there were two other types on the menu - any good?

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  1. The fish snacker is not too great. Not bad but I would save the money even if it is just a dollar...lol. It is one of those minced fish bit filets. I ordered the BBQ snacker once but they were out of the saucy boneless and substitued a BBQ'd crispy one instead...not good.

    1. I think having A chicken nugget wedged between two pieces of bread and some shredded lettuce for 99 cents is a ripoff and not very good. For 99 cents sandwich Wendy's or JITB has much better chicken deals...

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        Well, the snacker is a piece of chicken and not a formed patty, so the quality is better than Wendy's or Jack in the box. So far I've tried the plain snacker and the cheese snacker. Like the OP, I like the plain snacker. It's a little snack so there's not as much of a calorie hit (I guess) than the bigger sandwich.

        Don't recommend the cheese snacker though. It is the type of cheese that makes cheese whiz look tasty by comparison ... kind of gluey and congealed and it makes the coating of the chicken soggy. Sounded like a good idea though ... not.

      2. There are food "horror stories" in even the finest establishments... believe it.

        I drive a delivery truck and only eat fast food
        when I have no other choice. However, I do like the
        original snacker, easy on the sauce. They are super
        convenient when one has to eat and drive.
        Two thumbs up!

        1. They seem like the type of thing that might be good if you got them made fresh, but at the KFCs around here, chances are when you order one you're going to get something that's been in the warmer for hours. For that reason I don't usually bother with these.

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            That's why I always special order mine, holding something. This way I know it's fresh. :-)

          2. With the amount of additives and over-processedness of any chicken sandwich at any fast food joint, whether they're a whole piece or emulsified meat, they're both pretty bad.

            Taste-wise the snacker didn't cut it, I took a bite and threw it out. At least the other places I know will kill me but they taste good.

            And another thing that is misleading are the snacker commercials, especially the one where the two firemen are eating a snacker and making fun of another fireman who's eating instant noodles, they pass it off as if one snacker is fulfilling. Believe me I know how much firemen eat and I'm sure they can eat about 15 in one sitting. They're small as heck, like a said an actual nugget! I'd rather eat the instant noodles with a shot of vinegar and a splash of sriacha.

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              Have you ever read the ingrediant list of instant noodles or sriacha? I will agree that it is not as filling, but when I get a snacker I'm looking for a light snack.

            2. Indeed I have and honestly they're not healthy, but healthier than a snacker.

              1. The only reason for KFCs existence for me are the potato wedges. I don't know why, but I'm just addicted. I have to have them at least twice a year.

                The chicken is garbage. Only the colonel's strips are edible.

                1. I like the snackers, the buffolo version is my favorite. For 99 cents you get a quick bite with a unprocess/formed chicken.

                  1. Wish it wasn't a chicken tender, but more like their oldschool Chicken Little...spiced mini chicken patty with mayo...the bread used to be way better.the one they use is too chewey