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Nov 18, 2006 04:04 AM

Good Turkish restaurant recommendation in D.C./No.Va?

Hi, my hub'n and I are visiting DC in early Feb. 2007. We've grown to love Turkish food and would appreciate thoughts/recommendations on the Turkish cuisine scene in DC/No.Va. Thanks.

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  1. Temel in Fairfax never disappoints.

    1. Divan, on Wisconsin just north of Georgetown and across from the social Safeway is decent. Good iskender,doner and adana kebab, nice pides and lahmacun. Staff is mostly Turkish and very friendly; the place itself is well decorated, usually bustling, tables a bit close to each other. Like all Turkish places in the area, stronger on kebabs than it is on the vegetable and fish based food you'd actually get in Istanbul.

      I am curious as to where the poster is from, and what kinds of Turkish they've had. I've only had genuinely Istanbul-level Turkish food in New York, at the now closed Deniz for example.

      1. You don't hear too much about Turkish restaurants, but Nizam's in Vienna (easy access off Route 66) has been around for a long time. I haven't eaten there for a few years but it's probably worth a try if you're heading West.

        They used to only have donner kebab on Sunday, which seemed kind of odd to me, but it's the real thing, not meat loaf on a stick in front of an electric heater.

        1. I second Nizam's. My parents lived in Ankara for 8 years and feel that this is the most authentic Turkish food in the area. The iskender kebap melts in your mouth and the kilic kebap is one of the best preparations of swordfish I have ever eaten.

          1. THANKS SO MUCH! These are great. With these 3 restaurants to check out, we'll have appeased whatever outsized cravings we'll have for anything Turkish. Nizam's kebaps sound outstanding. Thanks, again!