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Nov 18, 2006 03:28 AM

maui - joe's bar and grill vs haliimaile general store?

Anyone been to both to offer up a comparison? We are staying in Kihei, so much closer to Joe's. Is the drive worth it to Haliimaile? Or would we be equally served at Joe's? Seems like prices are pretty comparable....


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  1. One of the pleasures of this planet is a meal at the haliimaile general store.
    I prefer lunch or early dinner when the atmosphere is more relaxed. Have eaten there every time on the island - no meal was below exceptional.
    Ms Gannon and her daughter (pastry) have continually capture my palate.
    If nothing else, go there just to look around.

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    1. re: Chateau Thunder

      Hi, thanks for responding, but have you been to Joe's as well? I would love a comparison of the two.....

    2. Hi! Just got back from Maui and ate at both places a few nights apart. Joe's and HGS have a few plates that are the same or very similar, like the ribs and some apps. HGS seems to have a more extensive menu, and a little more atmosphere. Joe's overlooks the tennis courts at Wailea. We enjoyed both places and would return to both, but HGS seemed to have better service. One side note - at Joe's, one of our entrees was free. We were told that it was the last night of their special promotion which is held during their slow couple of weeks, buy 1, get 1 free. Didn't know about the special, but it was a nice surprise.

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      1. re: ben54

        thanks for the reply!
        i'm still torn. we are doing thanksgiving dinner there. it's our last full day in maui, so not really dying to do the drive out there (we've been enjoying take out and pupus from the market, etc. in our condo for dinner).
        anyone else want to weigh in?
        does joe's seem super casual? Their prices aren't casual at all....

        torta b???