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Nov 18, 2006 03:12 AM

Red Bank, NJ area - any suggestions for great chow?

My Mom likes Ray's in Little Silver, and the Navisink Fishery in Atlantic Highlands...
We also revisited the ever-so-cheerful Brother's pizzeria on Front Street in Red Bank (God bless that place, it never changes, but only if they would use better mozzarella on their pizza then it would be perfect.)
What do all you other NJ people out there recommend for a pleasant dinner in the Red Bank area?

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  1. If you like fish, try Bayshore Charlie in Fair Haven. They have a small retail market on one side and a small, but nice dining room on the other side. Have never had anything but excellent, fresh fish, well prepared.

    1. Raven and the Peach in Fair Haven, Salt Creek Grille in Rumson are nicer places. Depends on how much you want to spend. What type of food are you looking for? Red Bank has such a variety of restaurants.

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        Sorry it's been so long for me to reply...
        but price range can be hovering around $19 per entree.
        I won't be back in the area now for about a month, but I can be better prepared.

      2. When it come to food quality, Dish is, I think, one of the best restaurants in Red Bank. Though most of the main courses are well beyond your stated budget, there are a couple of pastas @$19 and two dishes (fish and chicken) @$21. Service is fine, and the space has pleasant minimalist decor. Some of the tables are too closely packed, which makes seating at them a bit uncomfortable; the noise level can get rather high when the space is full; and there is no comfortable place to wait if your table is not ready. (Note: They accept reservations though I think not on Saturdays.) Despite these disadvantages, it's still a worthwhile place to have dinner.


        1. Dannys Steak house is pretty good. They have a mixed menu not just steak. I have eaten there twice. Also, for pizza Brothers is ok but NewCorner is better, Red Bank Pizza is good and the Italian Food is pretty decent. Basil T's is a great place for apps and drinks but there are better places to eat dinner. Stay clear of Buona Sera their food is no better then AppleBees as far as I'm concerened. The last two times I went there i was disappointed by the quality of the food and the presentation, the lobster raviloi had the consistency of shoe letter and it was served at room temperature. The soup seemed to have some kind of grit in it like sand. I will never go back there again. Murphys is a great place for a quick and cheap meal. Their prime rib is very good and you can add aMurphy grill for about $3.00 you get a plate of roasted potatoes, onions and peppers that taste great together. I have eaten in most of the restraunts in Red bank and overall I have no complaints except for Buona Sera.