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Nov 18, 2006 02:34 AM

Sunkist fruit gems

Does anyone have any idea where to buy these?

I thought I had seen them at Costco but could not find them there or Trader Joe's today.

Need about 10lbs. of the individually wrapped kind to throw at the Bat Mitzvah of my daughter next week.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I bought them at Shaws about 2 months ago, I think it was the Shaws in west roxbury. You may want to try a bulk candy shop, I know there used to be one in Harvard Square. But if you don't have any luck maybe you could try http://www.candywarehouse.com/fruitge... and have them express mailed.

    1. They often have them in the food section of the Christmas Tree Shop.

      1. I'd call

        Dairy Fresh Candy
        57 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113
        (617) 742-2639

        Or I'd check the bulk bins in the candy aisle at Stop & Shop/Shaws

        1. I thought I have seen them at J Pace & Sons in Saugus, too, but you should call.

          Then again, the fruit slices at Russo's next door are even better.

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          1. re: Karl S

            Yeah but not sure people would like the sugar all over them from the fresh ones :-)

            1. re: Chris VR

              Try the Kosher store on Harvard Avenue. I think it is called Butcherie. If they don't have the sinkist fruit gems, they will defintiely you where to get them. BTW, the sugar won't come off as they are individually pre-wrapped. They also now make individual kosher sour gummies shaped like teddy bears that we used at my son's Bar Mitzvah. They are awesome.

              1. re: sherry f

                Thank you for your suggestions.

                I tried Market Basket and Stop and Shop today without luck.

                I will try J Pace and Russos, I am not sure where they moved to after leaving Rt.1

                Did not think this would be so hard, the Butcherie may be my final shot.

                They do need to be kosher (which is why i specified that brand) and individually wrapped (as they are going to be thrown from across the room).

                Thanks again everyone for your help.


                1. re: Skippy978

                  Russo's moved to a much better location, next to J Pace & Sons,. in a little strip mall at the jct of Lynn Fells Pkwy and Main St in Saugus, west of Rte 1. Also near them are a nice wine store (Nasty NOnni's), La Vita Mia (good red sauce Italian) and Lil-n-Chicks (a nice evocation of a modern Italian-style gelateria). And Bacci's pizzeria (great NY calzones and pizza) is across the way. It's one of the chowiest spots in the Greater Boston area.

                  1. re: Karl S

                    To clarify- I'm 95% sure Russos won't have them. I'm pretty sure Russo's makes their own fruit slices (which are not prewrapped, thus my joke about the sugar coming off when you throw them). They are darn good but not what the poster needs.

                    1. re: Chris VR

                      RIght, I was distinguishing those from the Sunkist stuff.

          2. My parents recently got some at Costco, you may try calling them as well as the other big box stores, BJ's, Sams.