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Nov 18, 2006 01:08 AM

pub/restaurant in Worcester area

I will be in the Worcester area next week for an evening meal with an old friend. Need recommendations for a nice meal, not too expensive - looking for a pub meal or a reasonably priced resaurant, casual, relaxing and somewhere we can sit for awhile and catch up with each other.

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  1. I'd say O'Connors might be nice. It's just outside of Worcester--on Route 12 (I think?) in West Boylston. Really easy to get to from Route 190--literally right off the highway. Great beer selection, really good Irish fare.

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      I forgot to mention my favorite dish I always get there: bangers & mash.

    2. Bakingstoned (whose name is great, by the way) gave good advice. O'Connor's is consistent and has a really nice atmosphere. Some other suggestions you might get -- Brew City, Piccadily's, Jose Murphy's -- are a good step behind. O'Connor's is simple to get to from Worcester, too.

      1. Irish Times, Main Street, Lincoln Square, everything you look for and more.

        1. Northworks and Tweeds. Both reasonable pub food.

          1. I strongly support the recs for O'Connors. I would also suggest, since there'll only be the two of you, eating in the pub and preferably AT the bar. It's a much better ambience.If you haven't had it before, order O'Hara's Stout and ponder why anyone would still drink Guinness. Cheers!