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Nov 18, 2006 12:33 AM

Breakfast in Portland?

We're particularly interested in downtown and S.E.

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  1. Genies, SE 11th and Division. Recommended: Tasso benedict, roasted potatoes. Also the seasonal scrambles are often tasty. Worth the wait.

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    1. re: patrick

      Thank you so much. Who wouldn't want to try a tasso benedict?

    2. Zell's at S.E. 14(?) & Morrison is a long-time favorite with Portlanders, and rightly so.

        1. Downtown - Mothers
          Or hop on a streetcar and go to the Pearl Bakery on 9th & couch
          or at the other end of that block, Fullers Coffee Shop

          1. Jam, on Hawthorne, in the 20's serves a very good breakfast.