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Nov 18, 2006 12:17 AM

Wrong Date?

Just to let you know that on the tri-state board the date is showing as November 10, 2006 but today is November 17, 2006

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  1. And on the Ontario Board it's
    Sept 19, 2004 (yes 2004)

    1. Thanks for the report, Chowhound Engineering is working on correcting the problem.

      1. I just noticed this. What seems to be happening is that the start date of the thread with the most recent post is being displayed as the "current" date at the top of a given board. For instance, there's a very active thread on the Boston board that was started a couple of days ago. Every time someone adds a post to that, the current date on whole Boston board displays as "Thursday, November 23." However, there's also an old thread about Kobe beef that's active. When a posting was made on that thread a few minutes ago, the current date for the Boston board changed to June 15, 2006!

        1. Allstonian, good detective work :)

          1. Boston board is on 11/14, not 12/10, as it should be. The home cooking board is at 12/9.