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Nov 18, 2006 12:10 AM

Best fried rice on the Westside?

Am craving some seriously good fried rice tonight, something with lots of "wok hay" - the heat of the wok.

So you know where my bar is, I used to think Kuraku (sp?) that late night ramen place in Jtown was pretty decent.

I've tried the fried rice at all the ramen places around Sawtelle and thought it was OK. Any suggestions? And why is it that Chinese restaurants in LA make such lame fried rice?

Thanks for your help chowhounds!

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  1. Your speaking of Koraku in Little Tokyo. Daikokuya has fried rice they make the same way.

    In WLA-Take out only. Been there 30+ years...they know how to make fried rice the way you like it and pretty good old style egg rolls.

    Canton Kitchen
    12511 Venice Blvd (Near the corner of Centinela)
    Los Angeles, CA, 310.398.0030

    1. There are NO good Chinese restaurants in west L.A., and the ones that are there cater to White people's palettes, so the fried rice is usually bad. If you want good fried rice, you will have to drive out to the San Gabriel Valley. There's a few good ones in the South Bay.

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        Please note, the digression about what comprises authentic fried rice has been split off and posted on the General Topics board.

      2. hop woo on sepulveda and olympic is my go-to spot when i have no motivation to drive to the SGV.

        1. Try the Indonesian take on fried rice. For example, go to Simpang Asia on National/Motor, and order the Nasi Goreng. Very deep and robust, full of flavor.

          1. you tried the chahan at kinchans and you thought it was just ok? i dont think it is just okay. maybe it is a difference in tastes. but to me, it is excellent. consistently tasty, simple. delicious. one of my secrets on sawtelle.