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Nov 18, 2006 12:00 AM

Lunch near Lancaster Outlets for 20 yo and adult Chowhound?

Any suggestions for a lunch placenear the outlets in Lancaster? I like non franchise food but my daughter's likes are limited.
Any help appreciated!

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  1. OK, here we go!
    On Rt. 30 between the two major groups of outlets is a group pf four restaurants. Three are chains: Fuddruckers, Texas Road House and Applebee's. All fine and yummy. The fourth is an independant called Olive and Jasmine Asian Bistro. I have only eaten there once and loved it. It is very classy, but jeans are OK. They serve a fusion of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian. Prices are reasonable, food great and the website is

    Down the road on the left across from the Rockvale outlets if heading east, is Lemon Grass. This is a great Thai place. I love the menu. Inexpensive, attractive and comfy.

    Further down the road on the left is Jenny's Diner. This is a real old fashioned streamlined stainless steel diner, straight out of the 50's. Lots of truckers here, a sure sign of good grub. The portions are giant, and the prices cheap. No seperate smoking/nonsmoking sections, though.

    Inside the Rockvale Outlets near Pfaltzgraff outlet is a place called Sugar Plums and Tea. This is an English style tea house. The lunch consists of little sandwiches, savories and perfectly formed fairy kissed desserts, served on a stacking platter that is beautiful and delish. The lunch area is in the back of the shop and is decorated like an outdoor English Garden. you won't believe you are in the middle of shopping central. I love to take visitors to this place. They always say that they never have been anywhere like it.

    There are lots of places to get Amish food, but you'd be best served to just ask a store worker where to go if you really want that for lunch.

    Don't forget to hit the QVC outlet for amazing deals. you never know what you'll find in there! Have a great time!!

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      Hi PearlRabbit,
      Thanks so much! Ended up at Fuddruckers and it was way yummy. Feel fat but happy:) 20 yo has agreed to try the asian place for our next trip. Appreciate the help........

    2. I've been to the relatively new Olive and Jasmine Asian Bistro twice now, and I've truly enjoyed it. The lettuce wraps, Pad Thai and other noodle dishes are nicely prepared. The second time we were there we made a meal of appetizers and loved them all. The service is also very good and -- a BIG plus in my book -- it's BYO.