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Organic Cheetos & the Cheeto sandwich

Two topics, but one let to another.

First, has anyone tried Organic Cheetos?

Have they been out very long, cuz I'm telling you even if I was looking at the bag, the word organic next to Cheetos probably would not have registered.

I'm innocently reading an article about a SF Bay Area pepper farmer in the NY Times and they mention organic Cheetos. This link says they taste good and they "don't stain your fingers neon orange, apparently another beneficial side effect of cheese puffs found in the wild " Picture of bag on site too.

But wait ... there's more ... from Junk Food News (you gotta love that name) ...

"The new line of Natural Snacks includes Frito-Lay's first-ever snacks made with organic ingredients -- Tostitos Tortilla Chips made with Organic Blue Corn, Tostitos Tortilla Chips made with Organic Yellow Corn and Tostitos Organic Salsa. The line also includes Natural Lay's Potato Chips with Sea Salt, Natural Lay's Country BBQ Potato Chips, Natural Reduced Fat Ruffles Chips and Natural Cheetos White Cheddar Puffs."

So I'm looking around to see if these are new and read the wiki page on Cheetos. It seems that in Peru you can get hot dog and hamburger flavored Cheetos. In Korea there's Bulgogi- Flavored Cheetos. Mexico has Cheese & Jalapeño & Ham Cheetos.

There are even version of Cheetos that will turn your mouth green that Frito-Lay seems to put out from time to time like last year for Christmas ... I'm begining to wonder if the people at Frito-Lay are eating too many Cheetos and losing brain cells ... there's an idea ... wine & cheese Cheetos.

Then the wiki article mentions Frito sandwich ... white bread, cream cheese and as many Cheetos you can mush between two slices of bread.

So has anyone tried any or all of the above?

Hmmm ... now that it is organic I suppose I should get a loaf of crusty Acme levain, spread it with some goat cheese and top with Cheetos ... maybe with a slice of Niman Ranch ham.

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  1. i haven't tried any of the above (although i love the idea of bulgogi cheetos), but those organic cheetosreminded me of this article from the onion:


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      Oh, that's too funny.
      My MIL thinks I'm off my "Organic" nut.

      Loved the truck.


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        !!!! NOTE !!!!

        This is a 2006 thread that has been reactivated.

    2. In Korea, plain cheetos are pretty popular (no cheese powder). They're not bad. Kind of like unsweetenede Kellogg's Corn Pops.

      1. in texas they eat frito pie:

        open a bag of fritos down the middle.
        dump a can of chili ( a specific local brand, i don't recall it)all over.
        pour cheez whiz on top of that.
        voila. frito pie.

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          If my Texan brain cells are still firing (despite having lived in Yankee land now for over twenty years), I believe the brand used in Frito pie is "Wolf Brand". More salt than a person should eat in a week, but it is, as we used to say, "Good eatin'."

        2. To me, the word "Organic" is becoming a marketing cachet, sort of like the Good Houskeeping seal of approval.

          1. I can't believe they're messin' up my Cheetohs with natural ingredients! Leave my Cheetohs be!

            1. First, I learn that Kraft has made an Organic Mac & Cheese ...

              And now Organic Cheetos ...

              What's the world coming to?

              I must admit though I am a bit intrigued by the Cheeto Sandwich, perhaps it'll be my next ingredient on the road to the perfect evolution of the PB&J sandwich ...

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                Me too on the sandwich, LOL! I always liked potato chips on sandwiches, but this takes it to an entirely different level. You might have to be drunk to do this...

                1. re: prunefeet

                  Nah I bet that is pretty good... it reminds me of my favorite Popcorn eatin... those big tins with three flavors, companies get gifted during the holidays... I was always a big fan of eating all three flavors at the same time... Butter, Cheese & Caramel... not that far of a stretch to PBJ & Cheese

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                  What the world is coming to is the mass marketeers know that if they slap the word "Organic" on something, they can charge twice as much and people will buy it.

                  As I always say, "Somewhere PT Barnum is smiling"


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                    OT, ipsedixit, but I need to hear more about this PB&J quest. You done a thread on it?

                    Edit: Crap I just realized this is another old thread. Wish there were a way for C to emphasize when a thread is old/revived—it can change how one responds to it.

                  2. I found out the hard way about the green Cheetos. I picked up a bag without noticing the label and was surprised when my fingers, mouth, and teeth all turned green. Let me just say the green stays with you for a few days if you know what I mean.

                    1. that's funny, organic cheetos sounds like an oxymoron to me-- i would have thought that snack was made entirely of inorganic polymers

                      1. I tried the "organic" Doritos, because they were on sale at Safeway in SF (about four months ago) and I was needing snacky type foods for a marathon length meeting full of people who like to eat junk food. I am surprised at what I'm about to say--they were good! I mean "good" on a Doritos scale, however. They weren't good if you are comparing them to foie gras or something, but for a cheese covered fake crispy tortilla, I liked them.

                        1. i've had the cheese and jalapeno cheetos in mexico. delicious!
                          a combination of the flaming hot and the regular cheetos. better than both, imho.

                          and now i saw them finally available in california!
                          hopefully they will be in nyc soon too... *crosses fingers.

                          1. So how are the organic cheetos, good, bad, different?

                            I remember seeing a long time ago but not recently. Are they still available? I'm asking because I recently had some regular cheetos and were wondering about them.

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                              I haven't seen them recently. I think the irony of organic Cheetos may have finaly dawned on the company.