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Nov 17, 2006 11:19 PM

Need your input: EAT A PITA and CHAO KRUNG on Fairfax Ave... Any good??

I've passed by these two places a million times, but don't know if they're worth trying:

1) Eat A Pita: I'm dying for a good gyro. Heck, I'll even go for a decent grilled chicken sandwich, babba ghannouj, etc.

2) Chao Krung: I've had a lot of bad Thai, so hesitate about coming here. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. Haven't been to either in a while but they used to be good

    1. Eat-a-Pita is Middle-Eastern, not Greek, but you'll be able to get shwarma there which might work for a gyro. Everything I have had there has been pretty good. Better falafel than Zankou, but that's not saying much.

      Never been to Chao Krung, but if you're looking for Thai more or less in the 'hood, I usually hit Tuk-Tuk on Pico, west of Robertson. Some of their dishes are hit or miss, especially for take-out, but sit-down has never disapointed me. I really like the duck salad there.

      1. i've had a bad experience at eat a pita. the cook there is crazy and the food there is mediocre. it's passable but not much to write home about. i like chao krung. i think it can be a bit pricey for what it is but i really love their tom yum gai. it's one of the fewest tom yum which isn't sweet. it's more on the spicy sour side and they use good chicken. in fact, most of their dishes are light on the sweet which i prefer in thai food. too many places overdo it on the sweet and ruins the dish for me.

        1. guys are fast!

          So it sounds like the Thai place is getting better word-of-mouth than Eat-a-Pita. OK!

          I'll check it out.

          trolley: Why is the Pita Chef crazy?


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            i actually mentioned this on the board sometime ago but can't find my old was a while ago but it went something like this...

            i went there with a friend one time and the person who took the order didn't seem to understand how to take our order. we both ordered a standard plate and some sides. we wanted to pay separately but she couldn't handle it so i just paid for both of us.

            about 10 minutes later our order comes out. two standard plates minus the two sides. i ask for the two sides but they have no record of it even though i paid the money. i show them my receipt so then they get back to work. 5 minutes or so passes and our sides come out. we're both eating our meal then the cook comes out. he wants to look at the receipt. so i show him and he started to get mad b/c he made the wrong plate for my friend. he accidentally made a more expensive plate and insisted we pay the difference of $2.00. at this point half our food is gone and we said we were sorry that he made an error but that wasn't our responsibility. and it was really a difference of an extra side or something menial like that. he then started to yell at us so we left our half eaten food and fled. scary!

          2. If you're looking for Thai in that neighborhood, try Thai Patio in the little courtyard next to Whole Foods on Third and Fairfax. We ate at the one on Hollywood Blvd. and liked it and I've had some good reports on the Third St. location too.