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Nov 17, 2006 10:49 PM

Hilton Head Island - help w/ non-chain recs

I would love some recs for good non-chain dining in Hilton Head during the weeknights - it would be on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Any kind of food is fine - nothing super snooty or over the top expensive, but definitely want to stay away from anything too touristy and would love to try anyplace that you hounds have had a great meal. I haven't been to HHI in almost 20 years and I'll have to admit I don't have any clue what's there now as far as eating goes. Decent wine list would be good too. Mostly I'll be eating dinner out, although some good laid back, tasty lunch or breakfast spots would be good too in cast there is the chance.

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  1. Gruby's Deli for breakfast or lunch.
    Giuseppe's in Shelter Cove for lunch or dinner.

    Both casual, cheap and very good for what it is. Can't help with dinner recs.

    1. Don't know if you're into a little jazz with your dinner but this is a pretty good spot for relaxing and dining.

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          1. Best foodie dinner on Hilton Head:::The Sage Room. Absolutely one of the best meals,start to finish you can find outside of a major food destination. worth the money, it's more than wildwing but a Guranteed unforgettable meal. I'll buy your dinner anywhere in Savannah if you aren't satisfied with this place.
            For lunch try the Sea Shack on Pope Ave, best burger and local lunch.
            Breakfast check out Salty Dog..