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Nov 17, 2006 10:31 PM

Best type of pie pan for browned crust

I normally bake my pies in a glass Pyrex pie pan (recommended by Cook's Illustrated) but was wondering if I would get better browning on the bottom of my crust (specifically with pumpkin pie) if I used metal. Thoughts? Anyone bake their pie directly on top of a pizza stone?

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  1. My most recent apple pie was gorgeously golden brown on top, but slightly underbaked on the bottom, and I blame my pyrex pie pan. Previous apple pies were on reused Marie Callendar tins so I think metal does enable better browning. Though it could've been the recipe or oven temperature factors.

    But if you're going to prebake/blind bake your crust for your pumpkin pie, this may not be an issue because you can see when your crust is brown enough.

    1. No way would I give up my Pyrex for metal. I aways spray them well with baking spray and I have never had a soggy crust

      1. Pyrex is best for a browned crust. If your top is overbrowning, cover it with foil. A pie is not done until you can see a deep brown bottom.

        1. If your bottom crusts aren't browning sufficiently, you might consider starting your pie on the pizza stone for the first 10 to 15 minutes or so, and then moving it to a higher rack. This should help you with browning. Do not leave your pie plate on the stone for the entire baking time, or you will likely burn your bottom crust. I agree that Pyrex is superior to metal in all ways for pies, including for browned crusts.

          1. If you decide to go the pizza stone route, be sure to preheat the stone for at LEAST an hour. I used to use one that was properly preheated and I found that even that blocked good heat. It inhibited the bottom from browning. I just like to use a high heat in the beginning (450 degrees), then drop it about 30 minutes in.