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Nov 17, 2006 09:56 PM

Where to get fried turkey in Columbia or Sumter, SC?

I promised my mother in Sumter that I would bring fried turkey for Thanksgiving, but I have no idea where to start. Any help at all would be appreciated. I'm in Columbia (Irmo) and she's in Sumter. I can pick it up either place or somewhere in between.

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  1. Well. There's this little place in Columbia. If you drive north out of town on Main Street, turn left onto Monticello (Highway 215). It's on the right. Near (just past?) Eau Claire High School.

    I do not know if the food is good, but the place has been in business a long time. Sorry I cannot think of the name. This part of town is a little sketchy: taking a friend with you during daylight hours might be wise.

    And I almost hate to even mention - Bojangles is advertising fried turkeys for Thanksgiving.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: Ellen of SC

      Ellen, That's Pierre's Cajun Turkey 4920 Monticello Rd. 786-4790

      The place on Hampton St that is now Lamb's Bread we've been pondering was formerly a franchise of Pierre's. Monticello Rd. is the "corp. office". I spoke with the guy earlier this week and his turkeys are cajun injected and deep fried. I heard they were very good. $60 for 20 lb, and I think $45 for 12 - 16 lb. But after I talked to him I could not get an answere by phone, so chose an alternative which is not fried, but I could manage by phone. It may be that you have to go out there to place your order and give a deposit. But I think today is the last day to order. He mentioned a big white tent at his establishment as a landmark. We decided to try it for Christmas.

      1. re: SweetPea

        Wow - am I ever glad to have discovered this website! Thank y'all so very much; I just got off the phone with Pierre's and placed my order. The guy who answered the phone said they might not be taking orders, but then another man came on and took it if I could pick it up Monday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday. He said it will keep at least a week, so I'm all set. I look forward to reading more posts and sharing what I find in our area. Thanks again. -Carol

        1. re: caroljaxon

          Well great! Welcome, caroljaxon! And please post your roport about the turkey later. I also drove by Hudson's BBQ today and saw a sign about placing your order for turkey or ham. didn't say how they were cooked.

          1. re: SweetPea

            Well durn! I spent the better part of Saturday at the bar in Hudson's, watching the USC game. That place is supurb!!!! But I ummm, missed the sign about the turkey. Oops. Guess I had my mind on the pork.

            Pierre's. Yeah, that's it. CRS sets in.

            1. re: Ellen of SC

              Time for my report - YUMMMMMM - Everyone agreed it was the best turkey ever! The seasoning was indeed cajun, but it was only discernible on the skin and in the wings. Everywhere else it was just succulent and delicious. We fed 11 with plenty left over for sandwiches and lots of meat on the carcass for soup. I'll definitely do that again, so I'm very grateful to both of you for directing me there! -Carol

              1. re: caroljaxon

                That's great! Thanks for the report. We'll do that or Hudson's for Christmas.

                1. re: caroljaxon

                  Carol, thanks for the report.
                  Now I'll have to try what I recommended ! :)