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Nov 17, 2006 09:08 PM

Recipe for Ika Sansai?

Ika Sansai is a popular seasoned squid salad mixed with Japanese mountain vegetables. I have looked all over and cannot find a recipe for this delicious treat. Anyone have one?

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  1. I've checked my books and checked the web, and I too can't find a vetted recipe.

    Remember than "sansai" literally means "mountain vegetables", but infers "wild foods of the hills picked in the seasonal resurgence of spring".

    Thus: several fern shoots, bamboo shoots, yuki shoots (coltsfoot)...

    It is traditionally a springtime dish, one among other springtime uses of sansai, to celebrate the season.

    Sushi restaurants buy it frozen for year-round use. If you have a water-packed refrigerated source of sansai, then you could try a simmered dish. Should the flavor be dashi, mirin, soy, ponzu?... could be whatever you choose to simmer with your squid. I can't see that any efforts would be wasted, to be refined the next time.

    Lots of folks simply dump some waterpacked sansai into noodle dishes, etc.

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      I think the sansai is the easy part. But how do you prepare the squid? I don't believe dashi or soy are used in the cooking method, the squid would be darker. It has to be boiled, steamed or smoked, I don't know yet.