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Nov 17, 2006 09:04 PM

taqeuria pacifica

see a lot of good comments....can't find the menu on line..can anyone advise on menu and location? also,pls comment on cleanliness...i find cactus grille and mr taco to be too dirty to even think about having something to eat

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  1. TP is not really a traditional restaurant, so you have to go in a tad open minded. It is part of a larger building that houses AS220, a venue for aspiring artists to showcase their works. The food rocks, the staff are laid back alternative types, and (at least for lunch) there is no wait staff, you just go up to the counter and order. The menu is a kind of a cali-tex-mex mix, with burritos, etc. They serve the burritos grilled on the outside, and make kick-ass guacamole.

    1. Empire street S. of Washington. Just last night I was back there for fish taco and veggie taco. Friendly as can be, unbeatable food for the price and they have Good draft beer.