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Nov 17, 2006 08:48 PM

Flavorful Additions to Bittman Bread. What's yours?

I sprinkled Penzey's dried onion bits on the top of my last loaf before baking. I gave a piece to a friend and he proposed to me. Made a whole wheat ( 1 cup ww flour) loaf yesterday and added a handful of chopped up onion tops from the garden. Scallions would be great. Bittman has created a monster here. I have bread coming out my ears, bye bye South Beach!!!!! Welcome back bread! My friends are ecstatic !

I can't believe I can make such fab bread with my own two little hands.I'm gonna propose to myself!

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  1. I have a batch of rosemary semolina bread rising right now. (1/2 cup minced fresh rosemary and one cup semolina flour substituted for one cup of the AP flour). Once it is baked I will report back!

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    1. re: Greyhoundgrrl

      Expiring minds want to know ;-)

      How'd this turn out?

    2. Just took out of the oven a loaf of kalamata olive bread made with unbleached white flour. It's cooling, but looks and smells great. One before this was made 1/2 half a.p.flour and 1/2 organic wheat flour into which I tossed some sesame seeds.

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      1. re: jackie de

        Are these ingredients being added in the beginning mix?

      2. Yes, I mix them with the water and then just stir into flour mixture. I used the unbleached white flour this time, thanks to a tip from Father Kitchen. The bread was much better. Had a nice crackly crust, great bread texture and flavor. Next loaf I'm going to try cinnamon and raisons----or maybe dried cranberries.

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          Like jackie de, I thought of adding "sweet stuff" to this bread, but I'm not sure that the slighty sour taste of the bread would fit with sweets--? I don't suppose you can put sugar in this instead of salt?

          1. re: blue room

            Don't omit the salt! The bread will taste very flat. I actually made a raisin bread this way and it was quite good, but it was almost too crusty for a sweet loaf. I added two tablespoons of sugar and a bit of cinnamon, along with a handful of raisins. I thought of this at the last minute, so no measuring. I had a bit of a problem with the raisins sinking, so I added another small handful of flour.

            Next time, I'll do an egg wash to soften up the crust a bit.

        2. So I'm wondering...if you omit the salt is the end result a reasonable facsimile of Tuscan salt-free bread?

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          1. re: micki

            Probably. I HATE that salt-free bread in Tuscany. Looks and smells so great and tastes so disappointing. IMO the Bittman recipe itself needs more salt.

          2. What about waiting to incorporate the "add-ins" (raisins, olives, nuts, etc) until the folding stage after the 18 hour rise? Do you think that would solve the sinking problem?

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            1. re: Sam Ottawa

              First time I heard about the bread sinking. Does anyone know why this has happened?
              Maybe Father Kitchen can anser this question for me.
              Thanking In Advance

              1. re: ggambuti

                I think phofiend's comment was about the raisins sinking within the loaf, not the bread itself sinking.