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Nov 17, 2006 08:35 PM

Muse (Calgary)

Had dinner at Muse yesterday- was impressed from start to finish. Started w/ a sort of piled version of a tomato-bocconcini salad but with various pretty toms from Hotchkiss and some of the most interesting tasting herbs I've ever encountered. Better was the shrimp on more diced tomatoes- only three shrimp but my God, what flavour, and the dice on the bottom was actually better tasting than the salad of tomatoes proper. Nice Charlie's baguette and a garlicky butter (perfect temp and consistency) were great meal precursors too.

Palate cleanser- what class- three little balls of sorbetto: kiwi (explosive), strawberry, and "mint," just sugar and mint. This would make a nice light desert on its own.

Mains: I had the lobster "lasagna" w/ a kind of potato gratin on top, not layered like a real lasagna; friend had the sablefish. Both winner- I protected my lasagna, good-sized rich portion w/ one small lobster tail, one large-ish scallop, sauce americain (rich!) and a little dab of tobikko on top. Companion raved about sablefish; I raved about perfectly cooked rapini on the side.

Dessert for both of us was "banana split" w/ caramelised banana, a scattering of blackberries, strawberries, and thes drunken black cherries, and one good-sized portion each of semifreddo w/ a kind of toffee bits made with pine nuts (amazing!!) and an intense chocolate mousse. At $10 this was a dollar less than the tiny (about 3" diameter) apple tartlet w/ tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream and way too much too-sweet maple syrup at River Cafe two nights before.

This was only my second visit to Muse and the first since June 2005, but I have to make it back. It was a great experience.

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  1. I have to agree here, I was at Muse not too long ago and had the sable fish. Delicious! Friend had the beef tenderloin which was apparently excellent aswell. Definitely going back.

    1. I had the "lasagna" on my last visit as well. It was decadent and full of flavour. The chocolate trio dessert was amazing as well, though I was tempted to go for the Banana Split.

      The visit before that featured foie gras; roasted beet risotto with chevre and duck confit; and brioche bread pudding.

      Muse and Rouge are my current faves in town.