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Nov 17, 2006 08:16 PM

I need a dessert that travels well!

I need to bring a dessert to a party this weekend that is a few hours away. I am bringing cookies, but don't know what else to bring. Someone else is picking up some sort of cake. Any suggestions?

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  1. If not more cookies or bars of some sort, I would make something using a springform pan. It will protect the contents en route. Cheesecake would be perfect, but if you live somewhere warm, it might get too soft on the way.

    1. Make this. It is dense, fudgy and moist and it will travel well. Cool it in the pan then remove and clean the pan and you can put it bak in when it has cooled thoroughly and wrap well. Serve with whipped cream, just dusted with confectioners sugar or a ganache is also nice as a dense glaze.

      1. If you feel like being a little ambitious, a tarte tatin travels well - bring it in the pan you baked it in (after inverting and putting back into pan w/ a layer of foil in between tarte and pan) and reheat.

        1. If you have a tart pan w/ a removeable bottom, you can make something with it, bring a plate on the side and plate it there, keeping the sides on the tart pan for transport. I've made a chocolate pecan tart that's easy to transport and really good. Almost like a pecan pie only more caramel-like with chocolatey ganache on top. You drizzle white chocolate in the end in lines and then swirl so it looks fancy, too. I can find it and post if you're interested.

          1. you can make tiramisu ahead of time and then freeze it. if you make a deep lasagna pan full and freeze it solid (well, as solid as something that sweet can get) it'll be thawed in 5 hours -- perfect for a long drive