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Nov 17, 2006 08:09 PM

Good Thai in Rittenhouse/Center City?? BYOB?

I'm looking for a good Thai restaurant in Rittenhouse/Center City. Preferably moderately priced though nice date atmosphere. Decision might be made last minute so reservations might be a problem. BYO would be nice.

Thank you!!

PS. I've heard Erawan at 23rd and Sansom is good. How's the atmosphere?

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  1. Aqua, the new Malaysian/Thai place on 7th & Chestnut, is really wonderful (and reallllllly cheap).

    1. Food at Erawan is good ordering from the menu and amazing if you order off-menu or ask them to give you real Thai food (see threads from recent special meals there:

      for ordering suggestions). Atmosphere is standard-Thai-restaurant - those same chairs, those same fanned napkins in those same cut-glass water goblets, etc., that same Thai pop music. The service is very nice. If you're looking for a very stylish place, this might not be it, but if your date cares about Thai food, the quality would more than make up for the lack of a posh-ness.