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Nov 17, 2006 07:58 PM

With apologies

Country cousin comin to town in the AM, wants a decent and reasonable 6PM steak and potato dinner between Radio City and Grand Central. Help?

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  1. They's love somehing like Tads . . .

    1. Awww, c'mon, somebody help. I can't send them to Metrazur or La Bonne Soupe or even Bread and Olive. There must be something better thqan Zipburger . . .

      1. I don't know your definition of "reasonable". In that area, the least expensive steak, relatively speaking, is probably either Palm or Michael Jordans, although both are still pricy.

        1. putting "reasonable" and "steak" in the same sentence in the context of midtown manhattan is a bit of a stretch. you can get reasonably priced down home grub at virgil's on 44th street or pay less than a king's ransom for decent steak at argentine pavillion on 46th street. maybe someone else has a better suggestion?

          1. most steaks in midtown are either expensive and good, or tourist-trap stuff and inedible. up to you.

            smith & wollensky (49th & 3rd) isn't too far off that path.