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Nov 17, 2006 07:46 PM

Brazilian or Portuguese in Lowell?

I've heard about a new Brazilian restaurant in Lowell but don't know the name. Any help? Is it good?

Also, any opinions on Cavaleiro's?


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  1. I've only been to Cavaleiro's, and enjoy the food very much. One of the House Specials is a grilled bone-in ribeye that is really good. My other favorite is the Mariscada Salsa Verde, which has Lobster, Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Scallops in Green Sauce. The Little Neck Clams (Portuguese Style) is a great app. to begin with. Some interesting wines too.

    1. Love Love Love Cavaleiro's but only been twice, once for lunch to try their 1st place soup (winter Lowell soup competition) and then finally for dinner. My husband had this fabulous sole with bananas and I had a delmonico steak in a sauce with shrimp that was out of this world. I'm dieing to try the filet mignon fondue for two, where you cook it on a stone yourself (with 6 dipping sauces) - how fun.

      We love brazillian too and have tried Oasis Grill on Gorham St. Here's there website: It was good but we're getting very picky now since we've been to several including in cambridge - our favorite, hands down is in Manchester NH called Gaucho's on Lowell St. - price is very good, but the food is fabulous and more upscale and creative on the side dishes too.

      1. Only been to Cavaleiro's once but it was fantastic. As for the new Brazilian resto, it might be Rio's on Church/Andover street right after you cross the bridge from downtown. It's not exactly new but it was completely remodeled recently and they expanded their menu. I haven't tried it yet though. Hope that helps.

        1. Reporting back (very late), we went to Cavaleiro's with a group of 12. I'll never understand why but as happens all too often at too many restaurants, they simply couldn't cope with such a large group--& we had a reservation so they we were coming. The entrees were delivered over a period of at least 10 minutes, with no explanation or apology. I had a fish filet. It wasn't memorable enough for me to remember what kind of fish or how it was served. But I do remember the "home-style potato chips" that came with it: they were limp & greasy. We won't be going back.

          1. If you love portuguese food, try Friends on Market St. (just across from Southeast Asia). I just tried them recently and loved them - but I did love Cavaleiro's too (but only went twice). I'm just discovering portuguese food and loving it.

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              Thanks for the recommendation, Lexpatti. Next time we'll try Friends.