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Nov 17, 2006 07:44 PM

Tilth Reviews: How do they keep doing that?

Both of Seattle's newspapers reviewed Tilth in the Friday supplement. With all of the restaurants in Seattle--both new and old--I find it amazing that both papers review the same restaurants in the same week time after time. (As with Veil, Crush, etc.) So Chowhounds, is this officially a conspiracy?

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  1. General rule is not to publish a review until a place has been open for two months, so it's fairly common for a rash of reviews to come out at about the same time.

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    1. Total conspiracy. Maybe Rebekah Denn is really just an alter ego of Nancy Leson. Or maybe they go out together and share a single expense account, part of that whole newspaper merger from a few years back?

      No, I think this is just a much smaller town than we all like to admit. And politics and favoritism play a part. How did Sue McCown warrant a full page on the food section a few weeks ago? These people have been gushing over her for years and it just keeps going. So if her place is the most exciting thing ever, Tilth must be second. And have you noticed how Daisley Gordon from Campagne seems to be everywhere lately? Flavor of the month? Got a new publicist? He's an alright guy, I'm not complaining, it's just funny to me because I worked there for a time and I keep meaning to go tease him about being a media darling. I digress. Maybe, maybe not a conspiracy. Stick with the Stranger ; )

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        Babette, I agree that the homage to Sue McCown was over the top. I think about all the restaurants that have not been reviewed--or reviewed in years--and wonder why Tilth exactly now? (Genoa, comes to mind as a restaurant that is too overlooked by the local media.) I also wonder how the two reviewers for KIRO radio's "Stick A Fork In It" got their jobs. They are clueless.

        1. re: Walters

          Jonathan Kauffman's one of the best reviewers around. When he was at the East Bay Express (SF Bay Area) he dug up lots of great obscure places.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Yeah, kauffman is pretty good, about the only column I bother to read in the Weekly. I couldn't stand that old windbag Roger Downey. Both of the weeklies (the Stranger and the Weekly) tend to stick with off the beaten path and ethnic restaurants, whereas the dailies go for the higher profile midrange and up for their Friday reviews, with a little side column devoted to 'cheap eats' or more adventurous ethnic dining.

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              Speaking of the Weekly, that has gone downhill really fast. They seem to keep losing people. Even their reviews do not seem like they used to

              1. re: jdestes

                I believe Village Voice Media (formerly New Times) shares movie and CD reviews among all 17 papers in the chain. When they bought the East Bay Express, the restaurant reviews got a lot better.

                Here's an article on ownership and staff changes at the Seattle Weekly:


                Full disclosure, I'm a part-time freelance reviewer for the SF Weekly, and was a part-time freelance reviewer for the East Bay Express before New Times bought it.