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Nov 17, 2006 07:42 PM

Cozy date spot in Hollywood area

Looking for a cozy & inexpensive date spot in the Hollywood area. Ideally would be a fun atmosphere, not too loud where you can't hear each other. Good food & cocktails a must. Would like to keep it under $75. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Off Vine is a good option. They only have beer and wine, so if you are intent on martinis, then this wouldn't be the place. But they have really good food (especially the chocolate souffle) and it's a very non-Hollywood atmosphere -- cozy, quaint, comfortable, romantic.

    1. Pace on Laurel Canyon is very cozy and not too expensive. Never had a bad meal there. The Shrimp and beans appetizer is awesome. and I really like Eat. On Sunset too. It has a loungy vibe and great cal-french food.

      1. Finally got to Pace after driving past it a hundred times.

        What a disappointment.

        The room is pretty, but it stunk of cleaning fluid until 2 hours into the evening when it filled with people. The waiters were efficient to the point of obnoxious, unsmiling, pressuring us to hurry with our decision over wine, over dinner, over being finished and did we want coffee/capucino/espresso or dessert?

        There was just the two of us and we split a salad and a pasta, and ordered one glass of wine each ( the wine list was excellent but molto expensivo), along with a bottle of pellegrino.
        Seems we weren't spending enough money to permit us to linger in conversation -- that ended up being shouted over the din. The place was packed, they wanted us out to seat another party and weren't subtle about letting us know.

        The olives and almonds and thebread and tomato/pepper relish/coulis they brought with it were all fab. The mixed salad was nice and the bolognese ragu tasty but greasy.

        Altogether, an unpleasant evening in a pretty room surrounded by unsmiling Mediterranean male waitstaff and so-so food. Loved it when space was Caiotti.