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Nov 17, 2006 07:34 PM

dinner near arclight

Looking for a place to have dinner near arclight cinema. Do not like Cheebo or Fabiolus. Have been to Peruvian place and it was good. But looking for something new. Would like to park and walk to restaurant.

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  1. Hungry Cat, Magnolia, Bowery, a sushi place on Vine I can't remember the name of...all are walking distance to the arclight. Little longer walk...Roscoe's.

    1. Off Vine is right near the theater and is a charming, peaceful setting. The patio is expecially nice.

      1. On the same side of the street as the Arclight there is a little Thai place that was tasty. It's within walking distance, east of the Arclight. I enjoyed the yellow curry there. If anyone knows the name, let me know please.

        1. for solid peruvian fare: cebiche, anticuchos, arroz chaufa, saltados, i'd go to los balcones del peru just south on vine half a block. totally walking distance.

          oh woops. you've been there, didnt read the post clearly enough. ill post it anyway...

          1. The Bowery is fun & relatively casual / inexpensive, with a neighborhood atmosphere like the Lower East-Side of Manhattan. Off Vine is more of a traditional restaurant, located in a cute craftsman house with front porch seating.