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Nov 17, 2006 07:24 PM

beer with smoked turkey

I'm a big fan of smoked turkey so that's what we'll have for thanksG this year. I'm thinking of serving alesmith ESB and blanche de chambly with it. What do you think?

Any other rec.s for a smoked bird?

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  1. Stone Smoked Porter.

    1. I find Belgian tripels and dubbels to be nice. If you want to pair a whole meal here is a link courtesy of Beer Advocate. I wish that I had a bottle of the Russian River Damnation for Thanksgiving. I bet that it would go quite well with the bird.

      1. mmm, i like that smoked porter rec josh - thanks.
        we're actually going to have some gewurztraminer with dinner too cuz i think that stuff is damn good with a bird. i had the damnation at a halloween party and i dont think it will work with my palate and food, but i might try a yulesmith i've got for after wine and with dessert.

        that beer advocate thing is interesting but i dont think i drink beer the way they do. in general, i avoid beer and food together. the flavors compete more than they accentutate in my experience.

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          You should read Garrett Oliver's "The Brewmaster's Table". It's hands-down the best food/beer pairing book I've read. I used to share your opinion on beer and food matching, but after reading his approach and trying it out, I've become a convert. Lots of great, practical advice in there.

          1. re: Josh

            thanks josh - looks interesting - i'll put it on my xmas list for santa!

            and i know you're a champion of alpine there in SD, and I can tell you atht i've been converting some folks around LA to alesmith and convinced a couple to take a trip to visit, and plan on stopping by alpine too.

            1. re: mr mouther

              That's good to hear. Alpine really does make some great stuff. I can't wait for that guy to retire from his day job so that his beer is easier to get!

        2. Another beer to consider would be the Schlenkerla Helles Lager. The smoky quality is actually quite subtle. I wouldn't call it a full-blown rauch beer at all, despite the brewer- just a really well made helles with some secondary smoked malt character. Anyway, it might even be a better pairing with the turkey because the roasted malt flavors from the Smoked Porter might overpower the bird.

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          1. re: TongoRad

            that sounds like a great rec, and thanks - just not quite enought time to track one down at this point.

            Here's what I ended up bringing:

            Pinkus organic pils (ithink this stuff is fantastic - real bubblegum scent)
            Unibroue 15 (boy that's good when it warms up - another gummy scent)
            rogue dead guy ale - i figured the faint malt would do well
            stone smoked porter - havent tried yet
            trader joe's vienna lager - something to try and after the one i had last night, should be good: light but not weak.
            trader joe's 2006 holiday - haven't tried but couldn't resist knowing that unibrou made it
            cooper's stout - with big bombers going for 2.40 at bevmo, i couldn't resist - a good medium bodied stout
            alemsith ESB and india pale - reliable yummy

            couple bottles of wine for good measure

            (6-8 folks for dinner)